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What is packing slip?

If you have ever ordered anything online, your goods have always arrived with two important pieces of paper. One is the invoice slip while the other is a packing slip. Both are rather similar to each other, but they do serve slightly different purposes. The invoice is sent to the person who is meant to be paying the bill; the packing slip is sent to the recipient of the goods. Invoices have the details of the goods including the prices, while the packing slips exclude the prices. Feel free to look up more information on ‘what is packing slip’? That would give you an idea regarding details associated with this aspect and ways to deal with those.Considering there are many packages being sent out daily, having an easily available packing slip template makes the process of arranging it a lot easier. Make sure to check out professionally created templates online, which can be customized as per your convenience.

Uses of packing slips

Even though invoices are more common, there are multiple reasons why businesses and customers still prefer having packaging slips with their items.Assists organizations in keeping a track of goods sold or bought.
  • Ensures that the sellers know how many items are being sent out for delivery.
  • The inclusion of the recipients’ signature confirms that they have received the order.
  • Increases customer loyalty – most customers approve of a physical list of products purchased.
  • Customers are able to immediately identify the number of boxes and items they receive along with what is stated on the list.
  • Saves time as a customer. It isn’t necessary to open up an e-mail that can be time consuming when in a rush. With a packing slip template you can surely make this procedure all the more easier.
  • Occasionally, including discounts on the list shows the customer how much money they are saving.
  • Professionally having your packing slips templates customized means that you can make it as quirky or interesting as required.
In case you are still wondering “What is packing slip?” you can surely check out templates that are available online. These templates are extremely easy to download and used for multiple purposes.

Types of packing slips

There are two basic types of packing slips:
  • For merchants: These allow businesses to keep a track of their sales, customer complaints, concerns and satisfaction, expenditure, etc. It is extremely important for organizations to have an invoice of items sold and calculate inventory based on that. This makes production, management and processing a lot easier.
  • For customers: Packing slips for customers not only allow them to check their products against the list, make returns, queries, suggestions or complaints but some people also use to keep a track of the list of things they have bought. This definitely helps for budgeting purposes.
  • Other uses: If one intends on going on a vacation or moving they can always use a packaging template to help them organize. Print out multiple slips for various boxes while packing. These slips can have details of the items in each individual box’s so that unpacking is much easier and less complicated. Even when going on vacation these lists can be useful so that nothing essential is forgotten.
Templates are very useful for occasions and for daily usage. Downloading them online has become even simpler than before. Simply specify details that are convenient for you, and download them for printing immediately or later.

Essential elements of packing slips

Before placing a bulk order for packing slip envelopes or templates, have a fair idea of the design and pattern that ideally represents your business. Always remember that concise, detailed and attractive presentation is as important as the information that is included. Here are a few tips that can be followed:
  • Company logo should be bright, bold and visible.
  • Must include buyer and seller information.
  • Including guidelines for returning items is useful.
  • There should be adequate space to include reasons for return, complaints, or general feedback if the customer deems it necessary.
  • Company or merchant contact information for customer support should be included; a simple e-mail address or phone number will suffice.
  • Return address and return policy needs to be clearly mentioned.
  • Item number, description of items, number of packages, etc. should cover the main body of the slip.
  • Order number, order date, barcode, discounts and shipping details must be included.
Any packaging inserts like a customized thank you note, or sample items should also be listed for customer reference purposes.This should be a packing slip template intended for customers. There are a few changes that are included for merchant slips. While some obviously unnecessary details like return policies and packaging inserts may be excluded; the following should be included:
  • Postage details.
  • Customer details, requests, etc.
  • Tracking information.
There are far too many details, as noted above, that need to be included. This is why you should allow professionals to create packing slip envelopes and templates for ease of convenience and perusal. Forget about manually noting details and creating long list of items, when you have these templates in hand!

What are packing slip templates?

A packing slip template is a ready-made template available for usage. These templates can be downloaded and printed or simply used to e-mail them to customers. Customers like to keep a track of expenditures at the end of the month for budgeting purposes and these templates allow them to go through every item they have bought throughout that month. There is definitely a lot of customer appreciation for companies that use packing slip templates.

What are packing slip envelopes?

Packaging details are an extremely important part of business management for both merchant/seller and customers. Having a physical copy of items bought and received proves to be useful and handy in times of need. These envelopes are used to place and attach the slips to the packages.These are also available online; you can order them and have them delivered whenever necessary. Choosing a template for an envelope is an easy, quick process that uses minimal time. It is even possible to customize the detailing on the envelope according to the needs of your business or company.

Why are envelopes necessary?

  • In shipping orders, items or even the slip may be misplaced or destroyed. Hence, it is crucial that goods are in well protected boxes, and the invoice or list in a durable envelope.
  • They are transparent and showcase the type and number of items in the box.
  • Display the shipping address, phone number and other details, so that delivery is simple and hassle free.
  • Return address also displayed in case of customer unavailability.
  • May occasionally include details of the contents in the envelope so that customers do not miss out on important information.

Elements of a packing slip envelope

  • There are just a few elements that need to be kept in mind when ordering packing slip envelopes online.
  • Should be durable against weather and other physical elements.
  • Should not be easily damaged in unforeseen mishaps.
  • Must have strong adhesive on one side so that it is not misplaced from the package.
  • Can be blank and transparent or simply state the list of elements in the envelope and package.
  • They are rather inexpensive and easy to avail.

Formats for packing slip templates

Templates are a predesigned document of packing slips that you can avail of on the internet. With the popularity of using the internet for the buying and selling merchandise, you may not forget about using an entire sector of your company to create, customize, and print items like invoices and packing slips. This is definitely a money saver in terms of equipment, hardware, and labor expenses; especially, when templates are so readily available and created by experts at such reasonable prices.A packing slip template word format is usually simply designed. Opting for this will give you a basic, straightforward template that you can customize on your own later, if you want. However, you can describe your required design to the professionals at hand and have it made exactly as per your requirements. They can also be edited if you are unsatisfied with the first trial.A packing slip template PDF format can be more colorful and more detailed. These are more intricate templates. It is also possible to re-edit, and recreate any part of the template, since there are experts available to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Benefits of templates

  • You can avail of a packing slip template word format, as well as, a packing slip template PDF format among others.
  • They are created by professionals who intend on giving you value for money products.
  • Specify customization details to get exactly what you want.
  • Approve of designs before confirming your order of packing slip envelopes and templates.
  • Download and print them as per your convenience.
  • Customize the templates as many times as deemed necessary. You can make it bright, colourful and quirky, or simple, minimalist and to the point.
  • Personalize different templates and order each in bulk.
  • Save money by reviewing templates before confirming your order.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Attach discounts and packaging inserts for an added surprise and guaranteed customer loyalty.
  • Saves time since it is not necessary to slip down and write out individual slips.
  • Have them delivered in bulk to your office or organisation at minimal company rates.

Why you should opt for packaging slip templates

  • If the above stated reasons are not enough for you to opt for templates, here are more reasons as to why templates will be extremely beneficial for you and your business. Understand that there are reasons for the popularity of packaging slip templates that can definitely help you cut corners on a lot of business areas. Below are just a few more points that aim as solidifying the essential need and usefulness of templates:
  • They display information in a concise manner, without compromising on the visibility of information.
  • There is a set standard format for each template since they are produced in bulk.
  • One of the main benefits is that because there is a single template used to produce bulk orders, there is less room for spelling and other errors.
  • Reduces unnecessary work load of inspecting each individual template. Thus, reducing time as well as money.
  • Professional presentation allows for effective communication between merchant and customer, as well as, clearly stated information.
  • Reduces the need for excess employees, or overworking of current employees.
  • Creates a binding and presentable image of the company, its work ethic, procedure and reliability in the market.
  • Advocates good business relationships and keeps the customers coming back for more.
  • Digitizing lists and invoices, reduces wastage of paper, and the cost incurred in buying and maintaining the resources. You can also store them for longer periods of time.With these guidelines in mind you should have no trouble using a template to come up with a packing slip that suits your purposes. Try these packing slip templates today!
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