Color Chart


Color chart- a brief explanation

You must have heard of color charts by now! Today, most companies are making use of charts to represent different objects. Color is subjective, and each color represents different ideas. Basically, it is found that there are different shapes of a single color which are referred to with different names. With the help of a chart it is possible to describe the color of bromeliad parts. Now, there is no need of referring to a color as red or yellow, instead, you have possibility of using a number from the chart.

What is a color chart?

Firstly, it is vital for you to know the meaning of color charts. They are also referred to as color reference cards which are defined as flat physical objects that come with a variety of color samples. It is either a one page chart or available in the form of swatch books or even color- matching fans.Printable color chart templates appear to be very handy. This can help you carry the copy in your wallet and refer to colors as and when necessary.

Color Chart

Understanding the color wheel

The color wheel is considered to be a chart that would reflect different colors that you probably see in a rainbow or the colors obtained when white light passes through a prism. Basically, the color wheel contains 12 shades and follows the basic principle of color theory. Primary colors need no mixing! Once you have the primary colors in hand, there is no chance of mixing it with any other colors.The primary colors may include red, blue, and yellow. Instead, you can plan on lightening or darkening them by adding black or white color. But, tertiary colors need immense concentration and there is a need for mixing up primary and adjacent secondary colors. This includes mixing of blue-green and yellow-orange. There are six different shades which would result in getting amazing colors!

Color Wheel

Purpose of color wheels

Color wheel plays an important role in the life of designers and artists. They are widely used in different instruments adopted by designers. You will never identify anything such as standard color wheel; rather there are varieties of color wheels which serve different purposes:
  1. Mixing up of colors
  2. Understanding the colors
  3. Selection of colors
But, how can you distinguish the color wheels based on their purpose? To find the answer, it is essential to understand the benefits of using it on different instruments. Once you have the professional chart template in hand, there are less chances of experiencing trouble in creating a new color.
  • Mixing up of colors
You will not find paint available in every color. In this case, it would not be economical to purchase them in every color. Therefore, a color mixing chart can play an important role in this case. Through chart templates you can also find the ratio of mixture that helps to gain the desired colors. It is artists are expected to be experimental in their approach and be creative!
  • Understanding the colors
Choosing the best matching color is a complicated task. The difficulty actually revolves around the design illustrated. Difficulty in this context would refer to the level of confidence a person possess related to choice of color. There are numerous industries that would come across with challenges of identifying the right color values of a sample. Through the chart template available online, you would possibly understand the balanced amount of color to be used.
  • Selection of colors
There are different theories and principles developed in order to simplify the selection procedure of colors. Color wheels can be adopted for explanation as well as application of these theories. Through a suitable color wheel, there is a high chance of supporting the principles of color selection that can be aesthetically appealing.

Usefulness of color referencing charts

Have you thought of its uses? Color referencing charts can be adopted for color comparisons and measurements. It can further be used for:
  • Checking color reproduction of imaging system
  • Profiling digital input devices that includes, scanners, printers and digital cameras
Color referencing charts are also adopted by traditional photographers as it helps to calibrate cameras that make use of films and also enables proper checking of color temperature of lighting. There are innumerable uses of color referencing cards and so, there is a high possibility of gaining massive benefits through it. Color referencing cards can be adopted to understand quality of light in a color rendering index.One of the amazing things about this chart template is that you can change the color as per the requirement. The color chart template can give an assurance of getting the exact color that you are looking for!

Different types of color charts

Basically, there are two different types of color charts available:
  1. Color reference charts:This type of chart is used in case of color comparison and measurements. The task involved for using this chart includes checking of imaging systems that help in color reproduction, helping in proper color management and finally understanding hues of color.
  2. Color selection charts:It is a palette that comes along with different colors and finally helps in selection of process colors, spot colors, pens and so on. Usually these colors come from the manufacturers’ product range such as Pantone and RAL system.
When you are trying to be artistic in your approach, you will definitely be looking for the right tool that can act as guidance. So, download free color chart templates that are easily available online!

Different types of color

While defining colors, you will come across three different types: (i) primary color (ii) secondary color (iii) tertiary color.The principle of color wheel lies on its three primary colors:
  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
The colors are present at equal distant on the wheel. Primary colors are known to be the basis of different other colors which can be made through proper combinations of primary colors.Secondary colors are extracted through proper mixing of two different primary colors obtained from color wheel. It can be orange, violet or green that are gained through proper mixing of colors that are available on wheel.The last group is the tertiary color that gets developed through a mixture of primary and secondary color. The tertiary color usually lies between colors that are used to form each on color wheel.Color schemes are formed once you select and combine more than one color in a palette. You will be surprised to know that each of the color schemes can help to gain pure shade, hue, tone and tint.

Varieties of color codes chart available

  • Hexadecimal system:In mathematics, hexadecimal is known to be a numeral system that comes with base of 16 which is written in symbols between 0-9 and A-F. The number 0-9 comes with the same value as that of the decimal system which would start with letter A and help to keep up the value up to 16.
  • HTML color codes:While studying HTML color codes, you will understand that it is composed of 6 hex numbers that form 16.7 million different color combinations. The hex color codes are developed on RGB color model and R here stands for red, G for green and B for blue.
  • RGB model:The RGB color similarly as that of HTML color model forms a total number of 16.7 million colors. Each of the RGB value is symbolized through number and that ranges from 0-255. The RGB values for white color would be: 255, 255, 255.• HTML and RGB combined:Now, you know that the hex number system ranges between 0-16 and combine two hex numbers which is also represented by number between 0-255. RGB and HTML would also represent by same color model.

HTML color charts for webpage

Are you looking for any specific color for the webpage? There are some programs that give the flexibility to enjoy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Therefore, such programs ensure that you can choose a color that you really want to get for your web page. There are other programs available which enable the typing of a color name, but they would suggestively come with only basic colors like green, blue and red. In case you want to change the colors, then you will feel the need for Hex HTML color codes that would be placed among your HTML code. There are different benefits enjoyed through HEX color chart:
  • Through such color codes, you have opportunity to get any color that you can probably imagine
  • Making use of hex chart helps you gain the exact same color for your web page
Remember, that hex codes are actually a blend of both numbers and letters. They will include numbers from 0-9 and letters from A to F. For example, a pale pink will have a code of #FFCCCC, but hot pink will be referred as #FF33CC.While making use of Hex color code system, you will understand that in HTML code only six numbers are being used that represent primary colors. The first two numbers will symbolize how much red need to be placed in color, while the second set of numbers will represent green and the last two will describe blue. So, there is no need to be thorough with the hex color codes!You just have to take a print of the chart or you may keep the chart open on your computer screen to get an idea! In current times, there is a high possibility of identifying hex codes for wide variety of colors that can be used to match up clip art items, logos and other display items on webpages.Chart templates help to define different colors that may include primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Once you understand the chart thoroughly, you will able to obtain the actual color for your webpage.

Comparing Pantone and CMYK

It is vital to differentiate Pantone color chart and CMYK. This will finally help to understand the significance of these color code charts.
  • Pantone colors are ideal for achieving exact solid colors, while CMYK mix can only help to gain wide range of different colors which is ideal for print photos and other graphics that involve 4 different color processes.
  • Pantone is known to be a color space which is a popular tool available and the matching system is adopted among different conventional printers to recreate colors and artwork. In case of CMYK, each color is defined on paper separately and finally they are layered.
  • Pantone colors can maintain consistency which is used as a standard mark for everything and widely adopted for branded logos, official flags etc.
In order to gain more control, brands are usually interested in making use of a perfect combination of Pantone color and CMYK.

Basics of color chart codes

  • Have sufficient knowledge on color mixes and do not restrict yourself to just Pantone, RGB, CMYK and Hex
  • Have in hand the brand identity document that comes with definite color mixes which can be further shared with designers.
  • Know about the printing method that will be adopted to make use before designing anything. Any image in RGB which further needs to be printed in CMYK requires conversion.
With the help of color chart template, there is a possibility of developing new colors which can make sense while designing webpages. Some businesses need to have clear idea on different colors which can only be through color chart!

Benefits of using RAL color charts

RAL color chart can ideally be used for different purposes. The chart can act as a general reference to human or can be used while discussing the coating colors. But still, they are not the preferred choice in workshops and so there is the availability of RAL color swabs and control cards.RAL shade swab is known to be a color coated plastic that comes with every fan detailing and supports different RAL tones and colors. This fan can preferably be used in workshops and offsite locations or even at the factory while discussing powder coating. Through RAL swabs you can determine the choice of powder coated finish.Through color chart template, you can visualize the ideal color that you are willing to get. As a designer, you can mix up primary colors to get the exact color that is needed for the page. Having the chart in hand will give you knowledge on the combinations available.

Colors can really be tricky!

Colors can easily develop a mood and create an identity a website. The color chart will come up with a color name that can act as a source of reference while focusing on any creative work.Think of making use of different colors as backgrounds, text or for accent and play with variety of schemes. Imagine and visualize different shades which can create an impact in the right places.Once you download the chart template online, you get the chance to understand the different combinations and finally create a new hue.
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