Sample Letter of Dismissal Template

Sample Letter of Dismissal
[Employee's Name]
[Campus Address]
Dear [Employee]:
In accordance with [cite applicable policy provision or contract article] this is to inform
you of your dismissal from University employment, effective [date, to be set with
policy/contract guidelines].
[Review information provided in employee's response to notice of intent to dismiss, if
any, and explain reasons for proceeding with dismissal;
indicate no response was provided by employee and restate reason conveyed in notice of
You may review [cite applicable provision or contract article] for your appeal rights.
[Next Level Reviewer's Name]
Letter of Intent to Dismiss
Proof of Service
Departmental Personnel File
Department Head
Employee Relations Specialist
Employee's Representative, if appropriate
Union, if appropriate
(Sample Proof of Service form inserted here in hard copies of Guide)
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