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Now, there is nothing to worry about choosing for a gift whenever you are invited to a party! Though it is quite a confusing and daunting task to choose an appropriate gift for the occasion, but due to the evolution of gift card, it has become highly convenient. Gift card is commonly known as gift certificates in North America or even familiar in the name of gift token or gift voucher in the UK. It is actually a prepaid value stored money card issued by bank or retailer that can further be used in stores instead of cash to purchase items.Certificate templates available from professional sites are made from scratch and prove the great designing skills associated with those. The templates maintain its quality as it is managed by professional and appears to be right.

What is a gift certificate?

Gift certificate is nothing, but a mere piece of paper or small card that appears exactly like a credit card. It can certainly be used in particular store and act as an alternative to cash. So, while presenting someone with any specific item, now you can think of some alternate ideas. Basically, gift cards can ensure that the person should certainly receive something that he/she always wanted to have. It is the best way through which the person can purchase according to their choice.Gift certificates are not limited to the concept of giving away gifts to someone. Rather, there are many businesses around who are now adopting the concept of offering gift certificate to their employees as part of their reward programs.

Elaborate the idea of gift cards

Gift cards are usually presented by retailers and marketers and it is a part of their promotional strategy. It is known to be the best and effective way to attract recipient who will come up to the store and make the necessary purchase. These cards are also familiar among people in the name of cash cards as they are equally valuable as cash.Gift cards can be redeemable only when the purchase is made from specific retail premises. But, remember that this card comes with an expiry date. Visa and Master Card have also emphasized on the idea of producing generic gift card though they are not valid for redeeming at a definite store, but are used for cash back marketing strategies. One of the exclusive features of such card is that they are anonymous and can be disposed once the value stored on the card is exhausted.Through professional template, you can actually create the gift certificate easily and conveniently. From your personal computer, just download the template and give a glance to it!

Importance of gift certificates

Gift certificates can fulfill different purpose and so have high amount of importance in personal as well as corporate life. While speaking about corporate world, gift cards are usually offered to employees who can successfully meet up with their targets and make a remarkable impression in the office. It is a reward that defines superior achievement! Usually, the certificates are designed as a part of marketing strategies and can evoke interest of customers for certain products or brands.Gift certificate plays an important role in current market and comes up with real benefits:
  • They offer flexibility to users and give opportunity to buy different products from authorized store or brand.
  • It is an impressive and alluring option available for people who are confused about purchasing of gifts.
  • It is not necessarily an ideal option for gifting to near ones rather can also be adopted by corporate houses for their employees.
If you have a plan of presenting a gift certificate to someone special, then think of browsing through professional template site. They can give you an idea on the layout.

Benefits of gift certificate

From giver’s point of view:
  1. Gift certificate is a convenient as well as practical idea.
  2. Less hassle experienced as you just need to visit store and make the purchase.
  3. No need to worry about the returning or exchanging of gifts as the cards will be a suitable option for everyone.
From recipient’s point of view:
  1. It is a practical and impressive item as it is almost equal to cash.
  2. Has the flexibility in buying any items from the particular store.
  3. Having a restaurant gift card can be highly alluring as you can enjoy dinning out.
If you have Visa or American Express gift card, then your chances of using the card gets extended as they can be used in different establishments. Having a gift certificate in hand minimizes the chance of disliking the item. Teenagers are always in preference of gift certificates as they get opportunity to use it in different ways such as buying of video games, stylish clothing, gadgets etc.Today, there are different online professional template sites available that gives opportunity to download it free of cost. Through the high quality template you have possibility to personalize it and finally adjust the writing according to your needs.

Availability and uses of gift cards

Gift cards are not just available in common retail stores, rather they can easily be purchased from movie theater, candy store, fast food establishments, video rental stores etc. In current times, the gift certificate to spa is gaining huge popularity and can be used for a single service or even for full day treatment.There are different occasions when this card can be used:
  • Festive season
  • Company anniversaries
  • Profit making
  • Employee birthday

How does gift card work?

Gift card is similar to that of credit card. The card is easily identified through its unique number or code and not assigned to any particular individual. They are supported by online electronic system that helps in authorization. There are some cards that are reloaded by payment and can certainly be used multiple times.Cards are supported with barcode or magnetic strip which is readable by electronic machines. There are cards available that do not come up with pre-determined amount and so customer can enter the amount on the card as per their wish while purchasing. Gift cards come up with the flexibility of customization and can be made according to specific needs. You can certainly add custom message on the card and make it an individualized gift item.The professional gift certificate template that is available online comes up with appropriate format which can serve the purpose of individual. It is a unique way of expressing love and gratitude.

Different types of gift cards

Gift certificate is usually divided into:

Open loop or network cards

This is usually used by the credit card companies or bank and have the ability to redeem by different other establishments.

Closed loop cards

It is used in specific store or restaurants and can be redeemed by issuing provider. It is an advantageous card as it has fewer problems related to expiry of card and fees.But, in both the cases, the giver needs to buy the gift card while paying additional purchase fee and the recipient can make utmost use of the value available in the card. There is also a third form of gift cards known as hybrid closed loop card and the issuer has the authority to bundle different other closed loop cards. These cards are usually found in specific malls.

Varieties of gift certificates in organization

There are basically two basic types available:


It is a certificate that is purchased by customer for any other person. This not only helps to attract new customers, but also an alluring way of retaining the current ones. People love to get access to different items and having a card in hand can certainly give you chance to acquire good experience.

Free gift certificate

This can be a gift from the retailers’ side to their current customers. It is a promotional offer which is usually conducted by retailers to attract new customers. It is considered to be a beautiful gesture to thank the customers to be a part of their business throughout the year!The gift certificate template gives flexibility to visit the professional website and select from wide range of templates. Once you download them, there is a possibility to customize according to needs. Make it into printable form once the necessary changes are done!

Wording for gift certificate

It is quite difficult to get the right gift certificate wording. So, you can look into few important and mandatory elements and other optional elements that need to be included in gift voucher.

Mandatory elements

While filling up the template, always remember to mention few elements:
  • Name of the company.
  • Recipient’s name.
  • Value of voucher as well as service provided, as this is the most important element of certificate. You will certainly not be in favor of change in amount by the customers so it needs to be in printable form rather than manually written.
  • Serial number of the certificate that appears to be vital for different reasons. There is less chance of getting into fraudulent activity and also keep a track of gift vouchers that are issued.

Optional elements

  • Name of purchaser, though it appears to be a mandatory element for many vouchers
  • Personal message to customize the certificate

Reasons to make use of template

Here you have the opportunity to explore different reasons why you should make use of gift certificate templates:

Save a great deal of money

Templates are easily available free of cost and can be downloaded from different professional sites. There is no need to invest money in designers. Rather save the money by looking for online professional templates. The templates are designed skillfully and so you do not have to waste your precious time.

Save valuable time

You can make use of template that can act as a printable gift voucher. Download it easily and then make the necessary editing online while typing some relevant information and you are done! It will definitely not taken more than few minutes.


Through gift certificate template you can easily customize it and add information while simply typing. It will only take your few minutes time as you need to fill up the entire gift certificate form.

Certificates - effective marketing strategies

The certificates turn out to be effective marketing strategies as they make their customers feel like king and finally contribute in the profitability of businesses. Making use of gift certificates as strategy can definitely give chance to enjoy huge benefits:

Increase in sales

The prime benefits gained are that the gift certificates can help to reach more customer base. It is the convenient way to attract new customers and retain the older one. To keep up with the profit making margin, and survive in the competitive world, gift certificates are ideal option.

Increase brand awareness

It is an important aspect that helps to achieve while using gift certificates. Through this you can enjoy advertising opportunity that can certainly promote business. They are familiar with the term wallet sized billboards and can get real value in the end.You can also download the birthday gift certificate template from online professional sites. They are easily downloadable and give opportunity to gain a clear idea on how to make the certificate that can be highly impressive.

Downside of the gift certificates

The only downside of using gift certificate is that they come with an expiry date. But, usually they remain valid for a year and you can make necessary purchases within the specific time period. This is because retailers do not add the sale of gift certificate in their sales figure unless the certificate is redeemed. So, having an expiry date on the cards does not only tell the customers to make their purchase within certain duration, but also helps the business to fulfill their accounting purpose. It is certain that gift certificates make an ideal gift and helps to fulfill the requirement of every occasion.Feel free to download the template from the reputed sites that can give you access to a wide range of options. You can find the most impressive design online which can further be customized to suit your needs. Get them now!
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