Development Plan Template

ORGANIZATION Development Plan, DATES (no more than 3 years recommended)
Date Created
Purpose of this document
With the participation of the CEO and Board, the following plan serves as a guide for
development initiatives through END DATE. It is intended that this will be assessed,
revised and updated on an annual basis. This plan supports the efforts of the
ORGANIZATION strategic plan, and as changes are made to the strategic plan, this
document will be updated to reflect that.
Brief History
Insert a very short history of your organization including founders, year founded,
budget growth, program accomplishments, etc. The purpose of including the history
is to give people a sense of story. This is also something you can include in your case
Insert your mission here.
Insert vision here. Some organizations replace this with a values statement.
Unique Value Proposition
What makes you different from every other organization? Get to the root of it and
insert that here.
Strategic Priorities
List in bulleted or numbered format major priorities for the organization even if they
are not things that you can specifically raise money for. Typically these come directly
from the strategic plan.
Roles and Responsibilities of the Development Program (OPTIONAL)
Definition of a development program: the development program involves raising
funds, developing relationships and connecting people with causes they are
passionate about. Roles within a development program include connectors, who tie
together people and causes; experts, who speak knowledgably and passionately about
the mission of an organization; and closers, who ask for support.
Mission: the ORGANIZATION development program supports the strategic priorities
of ORGANIZATION by securing funding from diverse sources and building positive
relationships throughout the community.
(OPTIONAL) Philosophy: Insert a guiding philosophy here. A sample: the
development program is the responsibility of all, including all staff, volunteers, board
and committees, but is respectful of the quality of life of those participating and
conscious of preventing burnout.
Environmental Conditions
What’s going on in the community, your organization, the world that might impact
your organization? These are usually things you can’t really control.
Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) analysis
Strengths (INTERNAL TO ORGANIZATION, factors of organization)
Weaknesses (INTERNAL)
Threats (EXTERNAL)
Development Priorities
Insert your department or program priorities. Some sample ones are:
Implement best practices
Efficient and effective involvement of volunteers
Appropriate tools and resources
Long term and stable funding strategy
Perpetual: Endowment
Diversified: includes major giving, planned giving, reliable annual giving
Expanded: upgrade current donors and acquire new ones
Uniform and clear marketing message
Redesign of brochures
Top of mind presence in community
Key constituents
Who are your major audiences? Samples are:
Area businesses
Individual supporters
Service clubs
Development Audit
All programs need to be examined on a regular basis to evaluate effectiveness (are we
still raising money?), efficiency (is our cost per dollar raised still where it should
be?), and energy (are we burned out on this?).
Financial Results
You may want to insert a chart here.
What do the numbers mean? Which are your most effective programs? Which need
work? Which should be retired?
Development Tactics
Annual giving
Direct mail
Major gifts and planned giving
Corporate Giving
Non-traditional revenue
In-kind contributions
Short-term (12 months, month by month tasks)
Mid-term (next year)
Long-term (year after that)
Financial Projections
Insert your budget projections for the first year here.
Additional Resources Needed
Insert additional staff, budget, etc. that may be needed to implement your plan.
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