Alphabet Chart


Using alphabet charts are ideal

Little kids love exploring the world they live in and just by doing this; they learn a lot in the process. These “little tikes” are like sponges. They engross understanding by seeing their parents or elders, frolicking and by putting their five senses to use.Considering the fact that these kids need live experiences to learn, they should be given the same experiences when teaching them with alphabets or letters. In such cases a printable alphabet chart is ideal.If you need a rich and properly printed ABC chart, then there are plenty of free templates available online. These come in both black and white as well as colored formats and are easily downloadable.

What is an alphabet chart?

An alphabet chart contains all 26 letters with corresponding pictures, and they are designed to help kids learn and recognize each letter properly. An ABC chart proves to be an effective tool in the early part of your kid’s learning, reading/reviewing letter and formation of words.

Reading the ABC chart with your kiddo

When starting with an alphabet chart, it is important for you to analyze it properly. The basic step is to indicate each letter in the chart, recite the letter with your kid and also read out the corresponding picture. Example- A ‘a’ for Apple, B ‘b’ for Ball, C ‘c’- cat, etc.
  • Two things you being a parent need to look at- the kind of chart you are choosing for your kid and the pace which you are choosing. You will have to choose a chart which appeals to your kids. Plus you have to go at the right speed. If you go too slowly, then there is a possibility that your kid might find it boring and if you go too fast, then they might not understand anything at all.
  • The key here is to make the learning session fun and enjoyable and allowing your kids to join in on the fun. Let them recite the letters or pictures as soon as they start recognizing them. Based on your kid’s ability as well as their attention, you can complicate or simplify the game or add some variations like some phonics sounds to it.
Hopefully, now you are crystal clear about what is an alphabet chart.If you need some examples of such charts, you can use the web and download some free templates. They are available in various doc files and are tailor-made for kids.

The various activities

With the use of an alphabet chart, there are plenty of activities which you as a parent can carry out. Here are some fun-filled ones which you can use.
  • Give you little one a word and ask them to find the right letter among the different alphabet letters.
  • You can ready a stack of different pictures from various sources such as newspapers or magazines or from other ad material. Sit with your little angel and tell them to match the pictures against the alphabet letters in the chart.
  • Give your little one a scrapbook and let them make a chart on their own. Tell them to write down all the alphabet letters and either draw or paste its corresponding objects. If they get it all right, then give them a prize like chocolate or ice cream.
  • Ask your kid to find the letter of their own name from the alphabet chart. Ask them to color or mark the box which has their name initials.
In order to carry out these full filled activities, you can take assistance from professional templates online. These alphabet charts are created in attractive formats having lots of bright colors and pictures. Some even come with cartoon watermarks. Just download these templates and devote some quality time with your little angels.

Phonetic alphabet- An outline

You will come across a few alphabets which sound similar and hence at times they can be difficult to understand, especially in a noisy environment. For this reason, you will find local patrolling units using phonetic alphabets over the radio, to make citizens understand what they are trying to say.

The need of it

You, most likely grew up reading English words with the help of phonics. So it means that you have learned to pronounce words based on their actual spelling. But some words having same sounds can lead to a bit of confusion.Let’s explain this with the use of some examples;In human language, there are numerous sounds used, but there isn’t a writing system which represents these sounds.The letter which has a single soundBlew, blue, two, too, to, shoe - sound is ‘u.'The letters which are there in the word but are silentWhole, island, hour, knife, ghost, debtCertain sounds are not related to all kinds of spellingsThorough (‘o’), rough (‘f’), through (‘u’)The fact that every spelling does not represent the actual speech sound, most linguists make use of phonetic alphabets. These involve some unique codes used to express each sound.Some cool aspects of a phonetic alphabet
  • These alphabets are employed to define sounds in any given language
  • They define sounds of letters without pondering too much over its spelling
  • They explain the sounds in the way people actually pronounce them.
Speaking of phonetic alphabets, if you want a well created professional template, then you can get it online. They will definitely help your kids learn the basic rules about phonetic alphabets. Just download them in your desirable doc file and make use of it.

Helping your kid read properly with phonetic alphabets

With the use of such symbol or sign language alphabet, you can make your kids clearer about different words, their pronunciations, and their sounds.Make them learn the various letter sounds before the letter ciphers. Make use of a phonetic alphabet template which contains just the letter sounds. Experts believe that this is the right way for kids to start learning. They recommend movement and rhythm as a very good method for teaching kids the different letter sounds as it will anchor the information properly inside their head. Even statistics show that the % of retention when employing this technique is 98%.Simply join each letter sound with an object to focus more on the starting word sound.Example - ‘A’ ‘a’ for Apple and ‘B’ ‘b’ for bat…Start off with the beginning letter and repeat it before uttering the paired word. Use this method for all the 26 letters. One tip would be to take it slowly- like 10 words each day and then move over to the next 10. This will give your kids time to master the previous set.Get plenty of sign language alphabet color templates online for your kid’s learning. They can be downloaded in PDF, Word, and Excel easily with a single click and the best part is that they are absolutely free!

The importance of learning a new language

It isn’t easy learning a new language, but there is no denying the fact that there are loads of benefits attached to it. Here are 5 reasons why you should become a multi-lingual person.

Makes you more cultured

You should learn a new language as then you will have more culture. You will be considered knowledgeable and someone who knows his/her way around. Having know-hows about a different dialect makes you more proficient globetrotter.

Help establish deeper connections and bonds

The second reason is that people will like you more. Say for example you are traveling to China or Dubai, and if you are aware of the native tongue, you will be more likable amongst the inhabitants. They will appreciate the fact that you despite not being from their part of the world are familiar with the Arabic alphabet or Chinese alphabet.

Opens up a new world of job opportunities

Say for example you are well aware of the Chinese alphabet as well as the Arabic alphabet.  This will make you more eligible for a plethora of wonderful job opportunities as compared to someone who knows just one or none at all.With the world experiencing changes constantly and companies conducting business in different parts of the world, they are constantly looking for someone who can speak in one of two foreign languages. So if you are aware of a few foreign dialects, then you might stand a good chance of being appointed.So if you are someone who has a knack for different languages or if you have a son or daughter who shows interest in other languages, then you can simply download the professional alphabet templates of foreign languages. Irrespective of the language, you will find ludic and properly created templates for personal or your kid’s needs.

Hebrew language origin

Hebrew belongs to the Canaanite group of Semitic languages which was replaced by Aramaic from the time of the 586 BC. After 200 AD its usage completely ceased but in some instances, they are used some Jews for religious and literary functions.However, after the 19th century, it was again revived, and the main man behind its revival was Eliezer Ben Yehuda. He was the first among many who started making use of the language also encouraged others to make use of it. His efforts did not go in vain and today there are around 7.2 million people who speak Hebrew. The common countries include Gaza, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, UK, US and also Panama.

Hebrew alphabet

The first Hebrew alphabet was used in late second and first millennium BC and was mainly similar to the Phoenician alphabet. However, the modern language alphabet was formulated from another alphabet which is referred to as Early Hebrew or Proto-Hebrew.If you are interested in knowing how each Hebrew alphabet looks like, tend to the professionally crafted template available online. Download them in Word or PDFThese free templates will have all the letters along with their meaning and will prove to be an ideal tool for learning the language properly.

Its notable characteristics

  • Its writing system is ‘abjad.'
  • It should be written in horizontal lines from the right to the left
  • The total number of letters which you will come across is 22 with accents and final letters
  • No separate numerous will be found in its alphabets. Rather standardized 1, 2, 3 numerals are used.
  • There are some letters such as ‘mem’, ‘nun’ and ‘tzadi’ that have a final form- ‘sofit’ and that is used when these letters come at the end of a phrase.
  • The long vowels are mainly denoted by letters ‘alef’, ‘yod’ and ‘vav’. As for the shorter ones they are not marked. (Exceptions include the Bible, poem books and texts for children and for foreign people.)
A look at some of the free Hebrew templates online will make these points mentioned above clearer. Just download these samples in Word or PDF and know all about its letters and consonants.

What is the ASL?

ASL or the American Sign Language is mainly sign language letters meant for deaf communities. Having know-hows about every ASL alphabet is important if you desire to learn ASL, particularly if you have been given the responsibility of handling people who have lost their ability to hear things.It is the best mode which helps bridge the gap between those who can hear and those who unfortunately cannot. ASL is a complicated language and is regularly used in North America. In fact, it is believed that ASL alphabet education is considered compulsory in most schools. Students are taught this language from a very early age in order to promote awareness, culture enrichment and nurture understanding.ASL alphabets incorporate a host of phonemic aspects such as movements of the torso, hands and also the face. According to the views of numerous experts, ASL is considered as a subject verb object language having aspectual marking and verbal agreement.

The benefits of ASL

  • Experts state that ASL assists toddlers in understanding words better if connected to sign.
  • Kids having special needs will be able to use ASL signs to communicate with their caretakers as well as with others around them.
  • The ASL is very useful for those kids suffering from aphasia, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and autism.
  • If some kid speaks a dialect different, then he/she would be able to communicate very easily.
  • Stats also show children who are familiar with each ASL alphabet have higher IQ points - (8-13)
There are numerous printable templates available online in PDF, EXCEL, and WORD files. Just download them and learn the art easily. These templates are well created, and each letter sign has an English meaning to it- thereby making way for a firm understanding.

How to learn a new language?

When it comes to learning a new language, most people take too much time thinking and talking than actually doing it. First of all, there are two things which you clearly need to understand - firstly there are no shortcuts and secrets and secondly you have to commit. Otherwise, you’ll simply be wasting your time and money.

Find a reason

The most important thing is to commit.“Yes, I am going to learn this, irrespective...” Your attitude should be like this. Only then will you be able to pull it off.

Find a partner

“Me and my buddy Paul love learning this, and we always push each other to go for it.” Having an accomplice who pushes you as well as himself/herself, and who is ready to listen to you at all times is exactly what learning a language is all about.

Just keep it relevant

Rather than getting lost in textbooks, you should keep conversing to your partner as well as people aware of the language just to ensure the learning process is relevant.One tip- Learn 20 words each day and use them when you speak.

Learn to talk to yourself

You should learn to talk to yourself and honestly speaking there is nothing wrong in it. Yes, you have learned the alphabets from internet or reference texts, and now it’s time to perfect it. Keep talking to yourself and allow new words to keep flowing. This will make you more confident when you actually get a chance to speak to someone.

Take whatever you can

Learning is more than just going through web pages or textbook pages. Carefully watch how people talk. Be an active listener as that will make you aware of the different pronunciations.

Leave your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes

No matter whichever way you slice it, you have to put yourself out there. You should accept the fact that you will commit errors, and that is fine. Mistakes lead to perfection. Try to speak as much as you can and do not shy away from making mistakes. This will build your inner confidence and increase your comfort zone.These are the tips concerning- how to learn a new language!You can check out for free templates of the language you desire to learn. Those templates are completely cost-free, and they also incorporate English translations. Download them in PDF or WORD as there is no simpler way to learn a new language.
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