Firearm Bill of Sale Form


What is a firearm bill of sale?

A firearm bill of sale is a legitimate document which memorializes the sale of a gun, rifle, shotgun between two parties- the purchaser and the seller. Firearm bill transfer allows a person to transfer any given assault weapon from one individual to another. This document is mainly used in the US and so far there are no such permits required in the state to buy a weapon.  But still, there are some laws according to which all the individuals have to carry a concealed carry permit to handle guns within the country.Firearm bill of sale is used in exchange of a certain amount of money, and vendor agrees to handover possession of a weapon to the buyer. It is better to have this bill as it is considered as a safe practice to get protected from any criminal or legal issues related to the weapon purchased.In order to avoid difficulty while filling or framing this document, so it is better to have firearm bill of sale template available online. The online professional templates are very easy to use, and the can also be edited as per the requirements of the buyer or seller. So what are you waiting for? If you think that you can frame the firearm bill of sale format by your own, then you might end up in a mess. Hence it’s better to refer to professionally created firearm bill of sale sample docs and get benefited.

How to fill firearm bill of sale?

It is to note that filling firearm bill of sale is imperative as it allows the person to keep and use the weapon legally after the purchase; otherwise, the person may also face legal penalties for using assaulting weapons illegally. In this section, you will get a basic idea regarding how to fill firearm bill of sale form. Let’s consider the entire process step by step:
  • Date of auction/sale – It is important to mention the date on which the transfer takes place.
  • Information of Buyer – This section contains information about buyers’ contact, mailing address, and complete name.
  • Information of seller – It is similar to information of buyer section. The only change will be seller instead of the buyer.
  • Description of the firearm – In this section, there should be information like model, manufacturer name, caliber, year of its manufacture, serial number, and other information If required.
  • Price paid to buy the weapon – In this section, it includes the amount of price (Dollars) in and words and in numeric.
Apart from that there are some other fields which are required to be filled by the purchaser, such as:
  • Condition of the weapon
  • Type of payment mode chosen
  • Additional details – It may include terms and conditions applied for the process of sale
  • Buyer’s signature area with printed name
  • Seller’s signature area with printed name
  • Signature of the witness along with his/her printed name
  • Notary seal if it is required
  • Finally, disclosure appendix/postscript/addendum
Instead of filling all these fields in self-framed firearm bill try to opt for professional firearm bill of sale template as this is the most convenient way to get with a serious issue. You can also refer different firearm bill of sale example available in professional websites and then download the websites.

Other names of firearm bill of sale

Gun bill of sale is also known as:
  • Rifle bill of sale
  • Handgun bill of sale
  • Firearm sale receipt
  • Firearm sale document
  • Used firearm bill of sale
  • Firearm sale contract
  • Firearm purchases agreement
  • Firearm sale contract
  • Firearm purchase receipt

Form of firearm bill of sale

Firearm bill of sale form is a legal document which transfers the ownership of any weapon (it may be a gun, rifle, shotgun, etc.) These documents are mainly used where the former owner retains the possession of the weapons. For the buyer's, it specifies the date when these weapons was sold along with information about the buyer. For buyers, it gives specific information about the weapon which can be checked against Weapon History Report.You can get firearm bill of sale template online, and they are very easy to use as they are pre-structured. So, you don’t have to work hard to frame this bill form by your own.

Elements of firearm bill of sale

This form is used as evidence of acquisition, and it includes certain elements such as:
  • Grantee or Purchaser: Person who is going to be the new owner of the gun.
  • Grantor or Seller:  Person will sell off the weapon.
  • Terms of payment: This is the sum of money given by the purchaser.
  • Property: It is actually the complete depiction of the weapon and its condition when it is being sold by its former owner.
  • Warranty: It states whether the firearm has any guarantee or not?
  • Date: It depicts the exact date when the weapon was vended by the vendor to its new buyer.

Additional provisions to be added

There are some additional provisions which can either be added or not in the firearm bill form. Some of them are:
  • Condition of the gun
This part states that the seller is the legal owner or not and it also helps to understand that what is the actual condition of the weapon.
  • Description of the gun
It depicts customizations, accessories, color, material used in its making, etc., regarding the weapon.
  • Parties of sale
This is very crucial as it contains most of the relevant information about the seller and its new buyers.
  • Details about the sale made
In this section, information related to payment arrangements namely- whether the payment is made through installments, initial down payment, or paid in total

When it is needed?

Technically speaking it is not so important to compose firearm bill of sale in case you are selling or buying a gun, but still, to be on safe side it is better to have it. One of the best things about firearm bill of sales forms is that they will protect you from any legal obligations. Apart from that it also protects you in different ways. Gun bill of sale also offers written proof for below mentioned scenarios:
  • The weapon belongs to the seller, and it was not taken from anyone.
  • A transaction between you and the seller really occurred, and it also restricts any third party to claim theft.
  • It also states that which particular gun was exchanged between the seller and the buyer.
  • Seller intends to transfer the proprietorship of the weapon to the new buyer.
So, if you are planning to buy or sell a gun, then you should always keep in mind to have a firearm bill of sale form. In case you face any trouble, you should not waste your time and get firearm bill of sale template available online. Also, you can refer to some of the samples in order to get a clear overview of these forms.

Types of bill of sale

Mainly there are two types of bill of sale, and they are discussed below:

Absolute bill of sale

This type of bill of sale suggests that the transaction already took place and most importantly the possession has been transferred to its procurer without any complication or restrictions.This bill of sale is mainly used when the buyer is ready to make the complete payment, and this form is mostly used for firearm bill as in most of the cases the payments are made in full.

Conditional bill of sale

This type of bill of sale is used when possession of the gun is given to the buyer after the payment of entire money to the seller. This form is usually used first time in order to record the fact that both the seller and the buyer agrees to transfer possession of the weapon after fulfilling certain conditions.Don’t get confused with the if’s and but’s regarding firearm bill of sale, all you have to do is just download professional templates online. For your convenience, you can also refer to firearm bill of sale example.

What is a gun bill of sale?

Well, answer to this question requires some facts, and it goes like this. The increasing incidents of crime related to guns over last decades has forced the legislatures to wonder that how to ban the sale of guns throughout the country. According to a survey, almost 17.76% criminal crimes are concluded using guns or any assault weapon.So, if you are a gun owner then you should be cautious regarding whom you are buying guns from and to whom you are selling. If not then you may land yourself in some serious trouble. To avoid these situations, you can try a gun bill of sale.

Types of gun of bill sale templates

It is evident that today guns have been used as a business product and they are not only seen with armed or law enforcers but they are also used in recreational hobbies. Nowadays it is so important that every gun stores should offer gun bill of sale as there are some laws which impose strict requirements in selling this products.There are different types of gun bill of sale and most of the store owners are also looking for firearm bill of sale while selling guns to different customers. Below there are different types of gun bill of sale templates discussed, so just go through them ad you can also get professional templates available online.

Used gun bill of sale template

Used gun bill of sale template is actually a receipt format and it offers important details pertaining to the seller and buyer of the weapon. This template is also used as letter of acceptance and all the rules to be followed by the buyer are also mentioned in it.

Sample gun trade bill of sale template

Sample gun trade bill of sale template is an example which is created abiding Article 1, Section 23 of US constitution. This template mainly deals with the contact information of the buyers and sellers like address, email id, along with that it also informs about the weapon.

Gun bill of sale private party

Gun bill of sale private party template is a perfect example of gun bill which has been processed in accordance to the State Laws Article 1 Paragraph 1 and Section 11. It is also used to offer a detail account for the purchase procedure.

How to write a bill of sell for a gun?

Before explaining- how to write a bill of sell for a gun it is important to mention that you can get rid of these critical steps and you can easily get firearm bill of sale template available online. They can be very helpful as they are pre-formatted and they can also be edited.How to write a bill of sell for a gun pertain some steps and they are:
  • On the top, mention the date on which the bill of sale is signed by both the buyer and seller.
  • Then write all the relevant information regarding the gun like its condition, serial number, modifications made to the gun while selling the gun.
  • After that there should be a seller’s statement which states that the seller is the present owner of the gun legally and no law can prevent him from selling the gun listed in the bill of sale.
  • Then there comes buyer’s statement which states that the buyer is not aware of any given legislation that will prevent him from owning the firearm being auctioned by the owner.
  • It is also important to get all the documents singed by the seller and buyer in order to avoid any legal obligations later on.
So, these were the step to write a bill of sell for a gun. You can also can professional online templates online that can be more convenient to serve your purpose. In addition you can also avail firearm bill of sale sample from online websites.
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