Prenuptial Agreement Form

A prenuptial agreement, popularly known as “Prenups” are commonly adopted by two parties in case of property, debt, and divorce. It is a private agreement when two persons decide to contemplate their marriage. The couples usually settle down in advance in respect to financial terms during the event of death or divorce.A standard divorce will often split down all the properties while maintaining equality in both parties which is not done in case of prenuptial agreement. Lifestyle may also get included in such agreement. The contract may include family and probate laws depending on the needs. If you are in need of such documents then don’t waste time in framing them by your own, rather get these templates downloaded from online.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement usually relates to a legal binding agreement that is presented before couple who is married or wants to enter into civil partnership. The agreement contains different aspects and decides what would happen to assets possessed by a couple in case of divorce. There are also varied aspects of agreement that helps to add up provisions and recommendations related to alimony and division of property. The contracts often found to go by alternate names like premarital agreement, ante nuptial agreement, etc.The easy and convenient way of downloading the template is now possible through many online sites. This finally helps you gain an idea on how to create the agreement which would be valid in legal proceedings. You can get the professional online prenuptial agreement templates from websites available online and serve your purpose.

Basic rules in the agreement

There are three important rules which need to be followed in order to safeguard the agreement:
  • Full and fair disclosure
  • Ample lead-time before wedding
  • Separate and independent counsel
Consider the different laws passed by state legislature and then ask yourself if you are satisfied with the idea.

Recognition of agreement

The prenuptial agreement becomes popular since 21st century. But, still, it cannot be said that before the 21st century, it was unheard. Though it came into existence a long time back, there are very few who were completely aware of its usage. The popularity usually occurred due to the lawyers and media coverage.The state government is responsible for developing a plan related to distribution of property among two different parties in case of death and divorce. But, it is not the ultimatum! If you are not satisfied with the plan of your state government, then do for your own plan.Most of the state laws give ample opportunity to decide on your distribution of property, and there is plenty of room for judge’s interpretation. With the help of professional prenuptial agreement template, there is a huge possibility of coming up with accurate solutions to your problem.

Need for prenuptial agreement

Legal experts usually advice to go under the prenuptial agreement only when either or both the parties turns out to be wealthy enough and requires a proper assessment of assets and property. This agreement is valid when you are under marital relationship and have a family, yet want to get a divorce with your partner. The other reason to undergo such contract in case the women has to leave work to raise the children due to divorce, and she does not want to go under the long fight to get alimony.The main objective of prenuptial is to resolve several issues that may be encountered during difficult times and when a situation of getting divorced arises. Once you know what is prenup is becomes convenient for any couple to opt for it. The agreement is usually designed for couples that help them to honestly set up a provision for their future while trying to handle any difficult divorce case. Get your agreement’s template online and use it according to your requirements as they come with editable option.

Requirements for the agreement

While making the prenuptial agreement a valid one, it is necessary to fulfill few basic requirements. In most jurisdictions, once you fulfill the requirements agreement is finally executed.
  • Oral prenups are not accepted so every agreement should be in writing.
  • Prenup needs to be voluntarily executed. Therefore, an agreement that is signed under coercion or unfair pressure from the third party will be considered as illegal.
  • The prenup cannot be enforced in case it leaves the other party completely insolvent.
  • Prenup needs to be notarized.
Some couples might prefer to get into agreement with wife and give constant monetary support in case the marriage gets dissolved. Varied issues finally get resolved in prenuptial agreement! Once you are looking for such agreement, there is a possibility of going online and download the professional template that can assist you on how to create the valid and logical agreement.

Advantages and disadvantages of prenuptial agreement

It’s time for you to understand the prenuptial agreement pros and cons. Once you have a detailed understanding of its drawbacks and benefits, it becomes easier for you to make final decision.

Benefits of agreement

  • The agreement will ensure that the property gets distributed according to couple wish in case of divorce or death. Opting for a standard divorce procedure will incur a great amount of money as you need to offer alimony, legal fees, appraisers’ fees, etc.
  • If you are in doubt that the children from your first marriage will not be able to claim the wealth or be a part of property in the event of death or divorce, then you can consider undergoing prenup. In such agreement, details related to wealth will be set forth which would finally be distributed.
  • In case you are having a family business or any other family assets, then you can protect the assets and finally distribute them accordingly with the help of prenups. The descendant’s spouse will not be eligible for claiming the family assets in case he/she is not intended, heir.
  • Through this agreement, there is a possibility of protecting business assets. Owners of a corporation or any partnership firm can make use of prenup to restrict the spouse from gaining voting rights and claim against the business.
The prenuptial agreement after marriage gives an assurance to spouse that they can be a legally part of their partners’ property. Through the professional template that is easily accessible online will make you aware that how the spouse can benefit from such agreement.

Drawbacks of prenuptial agreement

  • Prenuptial agreement comes into existence only when you think that the marriage is no more into healthy terms. This can be considered to be a real romance killer!
  • A prenuptial agreement can create a pressure among individuals in case the circumstances change. It is based on assumptions planned on current situations.
  • The agreement cannot outline spouse or even child support while influencing the division of property. It is an agreement that can guarantee the partner to share some share of money. Therefore, a lower percentage of funds can be obtained after divorce to maintain lifestyle.
You have the possibility to download prenuptial agreement sample from a professional site that gives you flexibility to gain clarity on the contract.

Who can benefit from agreement?

It is a kind of agreement which can ensure benefit to different people in numerous circumstances.
  • Owning a business
  • Have good amount of assets
  • Intend to pay for the education of spouse
  • Expecting for an inheritance
  • Having children from previous marriage
Though this is not the complete list, and only an attorney can guide you in best way possible to gain knowledge on procedure while assessing complete needs of individual.

Why you need a prenuptial agreement?

While you enter into such agreement, you are actually acknowledging the fact that marriage will not be in good terms for a long period. Opinion is divided and through this contract, you can be sure of protecting the life in case of any unexpected occurrence.In case you are in love with a person, then money would be the last thing that you will consider in your life. But, you cannot guarantee to be in love with the same person till last breath. So, it is necessary to stay prepared for all kind of possibility which can reframe you from running into trouble in long run.Through agreement, there is a chance of reducing emotional as well as financial impact after divorce. In case you do not have such agreement, then all kind of assets will be equally distributed among you and your partner by state legislature. The hard-earned money may be given to children or spouse from a previous marriage.

Purpose to fulfill through prenups

Different needs can be fulfilled through prenuptial agreement:
  • Getting waiver for support
Through agreement, it is possible to solve the objective of detailing the situations and get a waiver on alimony amount in case of divorce.
  • Permit freedom to every spouse
This helps to safeguard the property of each spouse owned by each before marriage. Many people have their own business and can avoid issues of dealing with appointment of business.
  • Creation of community property
Any kind of property which is acquired by a spouse during marriage can be acclaimed as it becomes his/her responsibility and cannot be regarded as joint property after separation.The prenuptial agreement form is available online, and it is free of cost that can give you opportunity to understand the detail of the form that can finally help in proceeding of legal case. With the help of a template, you get to know how to prepare the essential document.

Is a prenuptial agreement a must for most couples?

With the help of prenuptial agreements, it is possible to run a marriage smoothly. A prenuptial agreement can help to reduce any kind of financial complications regarded to divorce. The couples who are planning to get married need to consider getting prenup:
  • In case the spouse owns all of the business.
  • In case spouse is wealthier than the other.
  • In case spouse will be supporting while pursuing any degree.
There are even some agreements that would specify household duties as well as financial obligations of the parties that may encounter while rising up the children.

Types of prenuptial agreements

There are two different types of prenuptial agreements:
  • Marriage contracts
  • Cohabitation agreements
Marriage contracts are usually for couples who are planning to get married or who are already into marriage. Cohabitation agreements are actually for any unmarried couples.

Validity of prenuptial agreement

The prenuptial agreement example gives you guidance on how to plan your agreement. Through an attorney, you get the knowledge about how to create an agreement that can be a valid contract. The contracts need to be available in written terms, and it needs to be signed by both the parties. Agreement may not only include people who are looking for a divorce, but are also responsible for who are getting into marriage.The template available online is created by professionals that can easily be downloaded to fulfill the needs of individual who are now looking for the chance to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Prenups can be finalized a month before the ceremony if you are still not married. The soon-to-be spouse can start their new life by getting into such agreement.

How to get a Prenup?

Through the prenuptial agreement checklist, you will get to know the things that can be included. It is really be difficult to talk to your future spouse about money. But to avoid any kind of conflict in the future, it becomes obvious for you to get into such contract. While writing down the agreement, it is obviously best to do with your partner. It is necessary that you consider asking third party such as mediator and religious advisor while facilitating the conversation.It is necessary that both parties need to get into complete disclosure during any discussion and also should sign the agreement voluntarily. It can be termed as invalid and coerced if it is signed in less than 30 days before wedding. Therefore, you have a good amount of time to discuss with your partner related to financial planning.Through prenuptial agreement format which can easily be viewed or downloaded from any online site gives you a complete view about how the agreement would appear once it is finalized. The template plays an important role in the life of people who are planning to get into a prenup contract.
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