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Applying for a new job takes a huge deal of professionalism for a person. Not only does he/she have to make the very best impression in their job interview, but they also have to send a strong and independent message via their job application. This is the reason as to why job application form templates have become so popular these days, and people are resorting to use professional services to aid them.Whenever you are trying to make a brilliant first impression at a company or enterprise, making a proper and unique job application is the first thing that you should do. Even though there are more steps you have to go through before finalizing your job, but having a well-defined job application certainly leaves a mark on the interviewers.

What is a job application form?

We have already discussed the basic premise of a job application form. Many aspiring professionals from all around the world make use of such forms to fulfill their job prospects. Still, people are not fully aware of the most basic question regarding it – what is a job application form?Well, to start off with the definition, a job application form is a set of forms that are required to be filled by an applicant, who wishes to apply for a specific job at an enterprise or a company. These forms are also known as employment application forms, or even application for employment in certain parts of the world.However, one should not confuse a job application form with a CV or curriculum vitae. They are entirely different applications, even though both share some overlapping details about the applicant. The major difference between these two applications is the fact that job application forms are provided by the hiring company to get a sense of the applicants’ character, rather than asking for their accomplishments.

Why is a job application form important?

As stated before, job application forms can be varied according to the hiring company and the type of job you are looking for. It does not matter if you are going for a Wal-Mart minimum wage job or a high paying multinational company job – if you are aspiring to get one, you are necessarily required to fill an application.So, why is such an application form necessary? Well, let’s find out in the section below:

First impression

The very essence of a job application form is to make a great first impression on the employer. It is the very first piece of information that an applicant offers for their coveted job position. Hence it creates a strong first impression on the interviewer or the hiring company about the applicant.

Check for compatibility

This is yet another property of a job application letter or an employment application for that matter. Before you select a job for yourself, you have to be sure that your hiring company is compatible with your standards and expectations. Having to fill up an application really helps in that process, as it establishes a clear definition of the job and what is required for it.

Personal touch

Even though most job application forms are very professional in nature, they are still more personal than a CV or a résumé. A résumé just points out your personal and professional accomplishments without providing an inside look at your application, but an application form bridges that gap quite effectively. This lets the hiring company know what you are like briefly, before deciding whether to call you for an interview.


These job application forms constitute an important part of being professional in your work environment. Various companies setup applications in such a manner that it reflects the professional approach of applicants. Hence these application forms serve as good beacons for acute professionalism while hiring.

Essential elements of job application form

You should keep in mind multiple components while drafting a job application form. The range of these components might vary depending on the type of job you are applying for. However for a general guideline, here are a few essential components or features that are associated with a job application format:


This is the most primary aspect of any job application form. Almost all applicants are asked to fill out their identification details at the beginning of the form. These identification details usually comprise of the following sections:
  • Name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Age.
  • Residential Address.

Educational qualifications

Even though most job application forms do not require detailed information about your educational qualifications, many applications do have a section dedicated to your education. These generally include the following details:
  • Schooling.
  • College/University.
  • Other co-curricular qualifications.

Job requirements

This section varies quite differently depending on the type of job that the applicant is going for. It may include certain questions about the concerned job, as well as provide simple “Yes and No” type objective questions. These questions are aimed at providing an insight into the applicants’ minds and their notion of the job they are applying for.


It is the last part of a job application form which involves a section about recommended commendations regarding the applicant. The applicant is free to put whatever they seem fit regarding this section and thus offer valuable insight to the hiring company about their background.

Different types of job application forms

Several types of job application forms are used by applicants to apply for various jobs. Based on the type and nature of the concerned work, their application forms vary. Similarly, professional job application form templates also have different types due to it. However, the following examples cite the most common types that can be found:

Corporate job application forms

These application forms are quite formal in their nature due to the type of the job. Most corporate application forms come with an attached form for curriculum vitae or CV of the applicant. Hence the actual application form is pretty minimal, and a majority of the applicants’ information is present in their CVs.

Minimum wage job application forms

Minimum wage jobs such as Wal-Mart vacancies usually comprise of a more casual kind of application forms. They do not replicate the formal structure and tone of a corporate job application. For example, Wal-Mart job application steps are usually pretty minimal, but they do involve sections that deal with background checks and commendations. In addition to that, these job applications also deal with several interviews, so applicants are asked to fill in the relevant details in their applications as well.

Part time job application forms

These kinds do not have a fixed format for their job application template but offer a range of different options based on the nature source of the jobs. Since most part-time jobs are meant for students or people with a primary of income on the side, they are usually temporary in nature.These different job applications are quite different from one another. So it is very difficult for an applicant to get accustomed to them thoroughly. This is the reason as to why many online professional job application templates are available to aid the applicants in this process. These templates are quite easy to use and understand since all the relevant details are well laid out for people to practice on.

How to use a job application form template?

Well, the most important details about each type of application forms have been previously mentioned in the above sections. Still, many people might find it difficult to navigate through the various questions on their own in a particular application form. This is why most people opt for online application templates to aid them in this process.These application templates are quite easy to use since all the instructions are provided in a coherent manner for the applicants. This enables them to develop confidence and work things out for themselves without panicking. Here are a few tips on how to fill out a job application form:


This is the first and foremost thing an applicant should do before walking into a prospective job. Preparation is crucial to understand the nature of their possible employer and find out whether the job is suitable for you.

Proper penmanship

Always make sure to print out your application form to make it look neat and tidy. If such provisions are not available, use only black ink to fill out the details in the form, with a neat and tidy handwriting. Do not go for fancy cursive writing as it does not look professional.

No blank sections

Do not leave any section in your job application form blank. It sends a wrong message to your hiring company – they might think you missed that portion or simply did not care to fill it out. If you are unable to complete a portion, simply put N/A on it, or draw a straight line over it, denoting that the information requested in the form do not apply to you.


If you had any bad employment experience or if you were fired from your previous job, always be upfront about it in your application form. Since you have to provide your past employment records, chances are they are going to find out about it eventually. This might lead to yet another missed opportunity if you are not honest about it.

Complete employment history

Providing complete employment history at a new job application is mandatory. Hence it is very likely that the hiring company or enterprise is going to ask you for it. This is the reason as to why many online [professional services offer quick to use and easy templates that have separate sections for these purposes.

Proper presentation

The presentation of your job application should be absolutely error free and neat. Always check it for any potential grammatical or spelling errors, as those can leave a bad impression on the hiring enterprise.Always have someone else to review it for you with a fresh pair of eyes. A sloppy job application letter leaves a negative impression on the mind of the employer, thus risking your chances of landing the job.

FAQs regarding job application form templates

Q: Are the application form templates free to use?A: While several online professional services charge their users for using their customized job application templates, many free templates can be easily accessed without paying a single penny. Most templates are perfect for a particular kind of job application letter, and they work pretty well.Q: Are there specific application templates available?A: Thousands of customized application form templates are available readily for people to use and improve their own application forms. They are available in multiple formats so that users can have a range of options to choose from.Q: How do I print them out?A: You can use any word processing software to print out the job application forms template since most word processing software support these formats. In addition to that, you can directly print out these application templates using a PDF file format without using any software.Q: How do I access online job application form templates?A: Online job application format templates are very easy to get hold of since it does not involve any kind of offline printing. Simply make sure of the format the hiring enterprise is asking for in their job offer, and fill out the relevant details.These job application template examples work great in providing the user with a complete idea of what to expect in an actual professional employment setting. They are a great practice ground – so what are you waiting for? Get one for you now!
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