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As an employer, one of the most stressful and painstaking jobs is hiring employees. Organizations look for the best candidates, who meet the job requirements and fit the position as perfectly as possible. Ensuring you receive applications from the most appropriate candidates for a posting in a company means the job description you advertise must have the correct call to action.A precise yet informative job description format is crucial for the fulfillment of this task. In the event of being unable to create a suitable representation for a job listing download templates online are used as samples.

What is job description?

In lieu of positions available in a business or company, the human resource department advertises for potential candidates to apply and fill the position. This usually states the position available, eligibility requirements, interview dates and other necessary information that is useful during the hiring process. A job description acts as the initial filter after hiring employees. Only people with relevant skills and experience are applicable for the opportunity at hand; it is used as a reference for work that employers will have to do and what is expected of them at the most basic level.There are various types of formats used when writing a job description, if there is any confusion about the more suitable format, look for job description examples which will give you a fair idea of what must be done.With access to the internet, you can focus on important aspects of running a business, rather than formatting templates. Allow professionals to create perfect the perfect job description template according to necessary specifications. They are extremely convenient to access and download; not only are they available any size, but in various formats as well. All of this is free!

How to write a job description

While there are many different ways and techniques of writing these descriptions, there are basic elements that must be included in each format. These elements form the structure and outline that will catch the eye of prospective employees. A quick view of any job description sample will help with the general outline that should be adopted. Recruitment is a fundamental yet complicated process – to minimize hindrances use details that are applicable. Below are necessary guidelines:


The structure for job descriptions can be changed and altered whenever necessary. Sticking to one particular mundane layout should be avoided. However, the basic points of interest should be the same. Here are the format details that should be kept in mind:
  • It is true that company names do hold a significant amount of weight. This should be boldly and clearly placed on the top of the page.
  • The title of the available position should not be too descriptive but must target the required responses that any business is looking for. Primarily, this section must be self-explanatory and accurate.
  • Use standardized levels of experience to explain the hierarchy under which employees will be working. For example, use terms like senior, junior, assistant, etc., instead of code company terms or numerals that most people would not understand.
  • The main bulk will contain the duties, responsibilities, and other aspects that an employee is supposed to carry out during the tenure of his/her employment.
  • Next terms and conditions must be stated; this is regarding the job listing stated as well as overall office rules and regulations, commencement dates, increments, salaries, etc.
In most templates available, these specifics will be available. Customize it as per requirements that you are searching for to get the best results. Remember, your target is searching for the most efficient employee for a particular post, so let professionals take care of the layout details. In the end, download and use each template as per convenience.


The most significant portion of how to write a job description involves details related to both the employee and the terms of employment. This includes the duration of contract, salary, accountability, performance standards – among others. Each of these topics needs to be covered in a detail oriented yet specific manner for utmost coherence and effectiveness.

Positional information

Here, the details of the post and level of employment should be included. State the working hours that are to be covered, that is, whether it is a full time or part time job; campus, sector, salary, and other such details will provide a brief overview of the remainder of the document.

Eligibility requirements

Hopeful candidates need to fulfill the minimum criteria even to apply for a specific job.  This section should be near the beginning in all job description format samples for the sake of expediency. Educational and vocational qualifications are also included here. However, depending on the position, work experience may or may not be criteria.Specificity is very crucial at this point. If the job requires computer skills, be specific about the type of skills that are necessary. This will help in filtering through applicants; anyone with less than required level of expertise in any field can immediately be set aside. Easily avail of templates which include crucial aspects of a job description template. Download and print them for free right now!


This segment needs to be well written, clear and accurate. There should be no confusion about what is expected from the applicant during the duration of employment. Key responsibilities, management and accountability are clarified here. Be concise yet accurate because the purpose of the document will be lost. Any miscommunication here could cause problems for the business as a whole.

Performance Standards

These details emphasize the legibility and expected conduct. It also determines the seriousness of the task at hand. Employees should be clear about reaching deadlines, quality of work, work ethic and other bits of information. Performance standards are not usually included though they can be found in a job description sample that dictates specific high-level jobs.If necessary, you can customize your templates to include anything that is deemed fit. You can avail of these templates in any format and size for printing or even e-mailing purposes.

Examples of job descriptions

Below are various job description outlines for positions with varying levels of hierarchy. Use this as a guideline for an idea on what is job description and how to write a job description:

Project manager

A project manager job description is quite a vague outline. Attracting the right candidates requires efficiency; this means the description must be informative as to the role the person will play within the company.
  • First, terms of experience and skills required should be mentioned. The term manager itself denotes that some level of experience will be necessary.
  • Secondly, working conditions must be made clear. Various projects will require many different working conditions; the candidate must be open to new and challenging situations.
  • Thirdly, obvious duties and responsibilities include planning projects efficiently from scratch and coordinating with the senior project manager, implementing the project effectively, ensuring that there are no glitches; handling staff and delegating responsibilities are among the few of the job requirements.

Administrative assistant

For this post, guidelines aren't as strict because the job of an assistant in any department may vary depending on the company and their unique needs. An administrative assistant job description must include the following:
  • This position does not usually require much experience. Entry level candidates are considered since most of the tasks is learned on the job.
  • The employee answers to one or even multiple heads of office in the administrative department.
  • Tasks may involve extensive paperwork, research and official business as well as faxes, Xeroxes, telephone calls, setting up of meetings, etc.
  • Skills set should include knowledge of how an office runs and general essentials, above average communications skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks under stress situations.


An accountant job description must be clearly defined because of the specificity of the work he/she will be required to do. There are many different formats of templates for Accountant jobs available online; you can download and print them at any time. They are incredibly easy to use and understand as well!
  • The minimum educational requirements are a degree in finance and accounting.
  • For higher level or managerial position, 2-3 years of experience is a necessity. Hiring applicants with expertise ensures that they are less likely to make rookie mistakes while working. This is important if the person they report to does not have time to teach them how to go about working in that environment.
  • The skills required for accounting is usually handling of accounts of the company, keeping track of the budget, profit and loss and other financial aspects of a business or their clientele.

Necessity of a good job description

  • Get the option of choosing candidates who fit the role as perfectly as possible.
  • Allows you to pick the ideal employee for your workplace.
  • Automatically filters through candidates who do not have the required skills or education.
  • State explicitly the timings and work situations so those candidates cannot later say that this was not what they signed up for.
  • Less confusion when it comes to salary brackets.
  • Adequate training can be given depending on the job. For example, a cashier job description may not have a lot of details because the skills can be learned quickly after employment.
  • It can determine increments and promotions.
  • There is no miscommunication about what is expected of the employee during his time at the office.
  • Decreases the amount of time spent on interviews.
  • Since most of the details are present in the description, orientation is a shorter and simpler process.
  • Employees fit into their roles quickly since they are well prepared for the needs and requirements of their position.
  • There is a less legal liability to be faced.
  • An effective job description template allows you to plan a system of rewards and salary before hiring someone.
With all these advantages, downloading and using templates that have been created by professionals is the best option! You can avail of these templates in a PDF or MS Word format. Customize any template whenever necessary or outdated. Whether it is a project manager job description or cashier job description, every level of employment can be handled with the use of templates!

Important points to remember


  • Refer to a writing guide.
  • Allow a professional to take care of the format and details required.
  • Keep it straightforward and concise.
  • Details must be job specific.
  • Skill, education and experience requirements should be based on the needs of the department and office as a whole.
  • Use complete, correct and clear sentences.
  • Use action verbs for duties and tasks.
  • Focus on specific activities.
  • Refer to job titles rather than names of other employees and heads of office.
  • Highlight areas of importance.
  • Mention contact details.
  • Important dates and timings.


  • Use narrative style to write.
  • Include unnecessary details about what it is like to work for the firm.
  • Use too many ‘must haves’ – leave room for learning on the job since not every person will be the perfect fit.
  • Use dull templates. Avail of free templates online that stand out from the rest and attract the people you need!
  • List unreasonable expectations from employees.
Remember that the aim is to attract the right kind of applicants. The format should stick to a positive note. Download templates today that can be customized according to the current vacancy in your company! What are you waiting for?
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