Job Description Templates

MIT Job Description
Job Title: Position Title:
Reports to: % Effort or Wkly Hrs:
Department:Prepared by:
Position Overview:
In this section, provide a brief, high-level overview of the position.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions**):
Describe the most important duties (major responsibilities that are critical to the role) and those that the position will
spend the most time on first. If possible, include the percentage of time that will be spent on specific duties.
Describe the level of decision making andindependent judgment that position will make related to each duty. This is
important to help establish whether the position is exempt or non-exempt.
List quantitative measures that define the size and scope of the position (e.g., size and number of budgets monitored,
number of faculty being supported, etc.)
Be descriptive. For example if someone is “preparing reports”, explain what that entails.
Lastly, include a sentence: Other duties as needed or required.
Supervision Received:
To what job will/does this role report?
What type of supervision will be received…regular, general, minimal, etc.
Supervision Exercised:
Which positions will this position supervise?
If position has supervisory responsibilities, please describe the position’s responsibility for hiring staff, developing staff,
conducting performance reviews, etc.
Qualifications & Skills:
Describe the minimum education or training required to perform the role.
Indicate the minimum years of experience (do not include a range of years) required.
List qualifications/skills needed to handle the responsibilities of the position. Be as specific as possible.
If travel required, please include. Be as specific as possible.
If evening/night/weekend work required, please include. Be as specific as possible.
Lastly, include a sentence: Deals with confidential information and/or issues using discretion and judgment. (If
List qualifications or skills that would be beneficial to have, but that are not essential to the job.
** To comply with regulations by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the principal duties in job descriptions must be essential to the
job. To identify essential functions, focus on the purpose and the result of the duties rather than the manner in which they are performed.
The following definition applies: a job function is essential if removal of that function would fundamentally change the job.
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