Wedding Checklist Template

Is your big day on cards? Are you stressed out for how to deal with it? Scared if things go wrong on the ‘D-Day’? Relax!! Take a deep breath and prepare a checklist! With a ready made checklist at hand which is easily available online, you can surely come up with solutions for all your problems in the best possible manner.With a Wedding planner checklist, you can definitely keep a logical track of the preparations, and therefore ensure that on the final day, everything just goes perfect as per wish!Though, there are a number of options for checklist templates available for wedding, however, it is best to find out the basic facets of a wedding checklist before you opt for the one.

Wedding planner checklist - Why a planner is needed?

There have been numerous occasions where you might have thought that every important aspect has been well covered, but at the end moment some vital issue that required urgent attention may have just been overlooked. For a small occasion, or party, we mostly overlook major mistakes. However, when it comes to marriage, these could have grave effects.Starting from wedding registry checklist, to every other function associated with that occasion needs to be planned out in an ideal manner, and hence set forth. This tabulation process helps in ensuring that not a singular issue is left out.Given options for downloading such checklists available, it is best that one should not be in doubts while making arrangements for wedding.

What is Wedding planning checklist?

Speaking on a general note, a wedding checklist is a list of activities and personal works that are to be carried out on that specific day of wedding. This checklist includes every minute detail associated with the upcoming wedding, and therefore helps a person remain prepared for that occasion in the best possible manner.Given the spread of internet facilities and availability of Printable wedding checklist has increased and to a great extent has helped people to fasten this process. With a tabulated printed form at hand, planning has become so easy!

What is the specialty of a planning checklist?

With a planning checklist, one can surely plan out various activities related to the big day in an organised manner. Also, with prepared checklists that are available, all you have to do is to ensure that you fill up the correct columns and get set for the party to unfold.
  • There are a number of activities that are present prior to and on that occasion of wedding. All can be tabulated and managed within a limited time.
  • Generally a wedding planning starts off prior to 6-8 months of the wedding. Hence, there are a number of appointments and registration process associated to this. With a wedding checklist timeline, these appointments and registrations can be followed up in the correct manner.
  • Presence of a checklist with more than a single person ensures that there would be proper coverage of every event. Thus, no missing out on your special day!
Clearly, with such numerous activities that is associated with a singular wedding, it is best that a checklist is made available, that could contain all such issues at one place.

How to make an ideal wedding plans checklist?

Do you have the wedding in a matter of months? Sit down immediately with a checklist to ensure that you do not miss out on anything! In most cases, there are a number of templates that are available online, and thus, can easily be downloaded.However, before cross-checking with those Printable wedding checklist, it is important to know the exact details included in such a checklist. Only when parity is present, this process can work.
  • When is the date set for the big day?
  • What kind of wedding are you looking forward to?
  • Do you have any special requirement or is it quite a regular one?
  • Do you have any set plan in your mind, or ready to depend on professionals?
  • What is the best way to manage all of it?
These are the primary queries that are placed before any individual in regards to planning of one’s marriage. The moment, these queries are clarified; this whole wedding planning procedure gets a completely different flavor.What is more important is that, this checklist quite unconsciously acts as a professional, enabling you to toe the line that is set in regards to a marriage organisation.

Wedding plans checklist – is it inevitable?

Yes it is! Technically speaking, there should be a checklist for every other occasion that is held on a grand scale. However, wedding is the most beautiful and auspicious occasion, as it causes mingling of two souls in love and two families, who are unique in their own way. This beautiful amalgamation can face certain glitches if things are not planned and executed in a standard manner.To help in ideal execution of this occasion, a wedding planner checklist is a must! This list will keep you organised and keep a tab on everything that is associated with the wedding. All you have to do is to glance over it to know where you stand in terms of preparation.
  • In case this is a joint wedding, tab on expenses can be kept.
  • If you have any pre wedding appointments, with doctor, or tailor, designer, a track can be maintained. It so happens that with a track as this, chances of missing out are nil.
  • Do you have to select a wedding venue? With a track from wedding registry checklist, you would get to know immediately if you have completed the registration process or there is still lot left on the plate.
Thus, in a moment when you are either totally confused regarding the wedding preparations, or are basking in the pre-wedding glory, a wedding planner checklist is the ultimate way to bust your stress levels.Also, there are a number of options in regards to such checklists that are available. All you have to do is to check out that which suits your demands the best and fill in the details! So, all you have to do is to ensure that you have a note and a complete idea of what functions and aspects you wish to cover and download checklists as per your demands.

How to accommodate all of it?

Once a basic checklist is made, another problem arises as to how to accommodate all these activities. Well, this is where a professional help is much required! With a number of professionally prepared checklists regarding wedding plans available, one doesn’t need to bother much about it.These checklists have ample space, and columns that could easily fill up all of these details and rather ensure that you do not miss out on any occasion. So just follow up what it has for you to offer!

Types of checklists

Any grand occasion requires a checklist to be present for giving it an ideal look, and ensuring complete execution of every task. Under such state of affairs, it is best that rather than going in for a compiled list, segregated lists are made.Wedding at hand? How will you sit back and prepare such a list at a short notice? Well, they are widely available! All you have to do is to search out exactly which category of wedding planning checklist you wish to have and how are they going to be effective in that special scenario.Here are some of the most common types that are available!
  • Timeline checklist:

There is a special wedding checklist timeline that keeps a track of how and where time is to be managed and work is to be finished.
  1. Generally planning for a wedding should start 18 months prior to actual day! In case there is any delay, at the least 9 months’ time should be there for the complete organisation top happen. This list keeps a track of timings from the initial day itself.
  2. A list of appointments is to be maintained. From time to time, this list is to be consulted and with every work done, track is to be kept.
  3. This is a perfect checklist for ensuring that you do not miss out on any pre-wedding appointment.
  • Wedding budget checklist:

Money is definitely one of the prime issues that are to be considered. In this case, it is best to take help of a professional template that is available, since, that very well defines the correct way to plan out expenses and also manage budget in a specific manner.
  • Shopping checklist:

Wedding almost acts as a synonym for shopping. With numerous pre and post wedding functions, and looking for different attire for every occasion, it is important that a checklist be present. With this kind of checklist, not only shopping budget can be managed, but also, shopping for guests and other wedding preparations can be tracked and wedding functions can go as per plan.
  • Decoration checklist:

Setting up a wedding venue is quite an affair. One needs to keep a track of the theme, lights, and music associated with that marriage. In such a case, checklist should be managed in such a way that all these basic factors are covered.In case you are planning on making a personal checklist, it is best that you choose Printable wedding checklist templates that are available. Prepared by trained workers, they focus on certain key issues and therefore organizing this process and keeping a track of it can become comparatively easier.
  • Functions checklist:

There are a number of functions that come associated with a wedding, and a checklist in this case can surely provide a number of benefits.
  1. This checklist provides a comprehensive knowledge of the functions that are to be held.
  2. They keep a track of performances and speeches. Thus, there is fun mixed with an organised process.
  3. This checklist always keeps a backup plan ready in case of any falter.
  4. With this specific checklist, one can also keep a track of expenses that are associated with each function.
  • Cutlery checklist:

Did you actually think that cutlery would be so important a concern? Well, now do! With this specific checklist, you can get a complete idea regarding what glasses are to be used during functions to plates that your guests will be served with.
  • Food checklist:

Oh the menu! This is a must and a checklist helps in ensuring that your guests are fed well.
  1. This checklist keeps a track of the delicacies that are to be served for each day.
  2. This list also ensures that drinks served are at proper temperature for people to enjoy.
  3. Being one of the primary expenses, it keeps a track of it!
  • Guests checklist:

Wondering about well-being of your guests? Solution is here!
  1. With this checklist, you will know whom to invite and whom to leave out.
  2. This checklist helps in ensuring that all your guests get proper attention right from the start to the end and enjoy this gala occasion.
  • Final checklist:

This is a major compilation of last minute details. A professionally made template is the best suited for such an occasion!

Parting note: Have a great future ahead!

So, are you now aware of how to deal with such an important occasion? With such a wedding planner checklist you can surely get all the benefits at your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Check out which templates are available and choose your options now!
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