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Have you ever felt the need of writing a letter of introduction? If not, then you should know that a letter of introduction plays an important role while applying for a job or sending a business proposal. The most important purpose of an introduction letter is to introduce your business and yourself to another business or a group of people.

What is the purpose of an introduction letter?

Since it is already mentioned that an introduction letter is used to introduce yourself to an employer for a job reference or to represent your business in the market, this letter must include true and sincere information that can create a deeper impact on the reader.Letters of introduction are also used as an important business communication tool, placed at the first point of contact when you think of starting a new business or expanding your venture. In the business sphere, this letter of introduction is often regarded as a foot in the door. Therefore, when writing a letter of introduction for a job reference or business purposes, make sure it is well-written from all aspects because a poorly written letter may damage your credibility to a great extent.

Uses of introduction letter

A letter of introduction is used for a number of purposes. Let’s have a look at them –

Job seekers

  • When job seekers apply for a particular position, they can write an introduction letter to introduce themselves to the employer. And they can attach their CVs with it that can create a serious impact on the hiring authority.

Marketing device

  • When you wish to establish a business, one of the first aspects you need to consider, is promoting it in the market or introducing it to other businesses and people so that you can easily reach out to target customers. It is an effective marketing tool which is used by most of the businesses in today’s age.

Business documents

  • Introduction letters are also used as business documents such as contract drafts, loan applications, and proposals.

How can you make your letter of introduction effective?

A letter of introduction mainly consists of three important parts namely,
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
Keeping these three points intact in your letter, you must ask yourself three important questions such as –
  • What is the purpose of writing this letter?
  • For whom you are writing this letter
  • How can you end the letter with a follow-up meeting or appointment?
Based on three aspects, you need to structure your introduction letter.

Top 10 dos and don'ts of writing an introduction letter

Use a postage stamp

  • While sending your introduction letter to a company, make sure you use multiple stamps to make it look professional. The letter should not look like cheap, junk mail.

Mention a return address

  • While writing an introduction letter, mention a return address on the upper left side of the letter. With just a little effort, you can enhance the importance of this letter.

Personal salutation

  • Mention the recipient’s name with a salutation so that it looks like an official letter rather using a dear friend, dear neighbor, dear sir and so on. All these words make the letter look less inviting and informal.

Write in a formal and conversational tone

  • Always follow a conversational approach while writing such letters. Try to write in a formal tone so that it looks like you have written the letter from your heart.

Keep it short, simple and specific

  • Well, that’s an important point to consider here while writing an introduction letter. Don’t make the body of the letter too lengthy to read. Do not make false promises that you can't keep. Keep it short, simple and to the point so that the letter looks approachable and worth reading from the very beginning.

Get to the point

  • Since it is always said that you should not make your letter too lengthy; do not use unnecessary and flowery language. You must get to the point or the purpose of the letter right after the end of the introduction. The letter should speak about who you are, what are your likes and dislikes etc. Rather, it must depict what services you offer or how you can prove an important asset for that organization.

A small paragraph about yourself

  • Include a small paragraph about yourself, your family members, your association with companies and your work experience and so on. Do not showcase your knowledge in the letter as this will not impress the employer.

Add highlights

  • Though this is not an important point to include in a letter of introduction, if you want you can add some highlights to your letter such as your working hours, your team name, achievements, etc.

A call to action tone

  • “Call us at any time” is the worst approach to conclude an introduction letter. Give the right reasons for them contact you, only then a call to action tone can make proper sense.

The power of signature

  • Your letter of introduction should end with your signature as this is the most personal way of communication through which you can establish a relation between you and your reader.

How to write a letter of introduction?

Do you feel the need to write a letter to introduce yourself, a new business or a service? Has an organization asked you to write a letter of introduction? Are you confused whether you letter looks like a professional document or a poorly written resume? Well, these types of thoughts are obvious while writing an introduction. So, here, are few tips that will clear your doubts on how to write a letter of introduction.

Consider using your identity

  • You are writing a letter of introduction for a reason. Mention your identity in clear words. Consider your introduction letter as a celebrity endorsement.

Understand your audience requirements

  • This fact is true for writing all types of letters, but it especially more relevant in writing a letter of introduction. Before writing the letter, you must understand its purpose. If the letter is about representing your business to another business or people in general, then you should first understand their requirements, what they are expecting from you, etc. Writing in this context, your letter will look appealing to a large number of people and thereby fulfill your purpose.

Aim at establishing a potential relationship

  • While writing a letter of introduction, keep in mind that you need to establish a potential relationship with the person to whom you are writing. Therefore, your writing tone should be made approachable and grab ones attention.

Types of introduction letter

An introduction letter has been categorized in certain parts, namely,
  • Company introduction letter
  • Business introduction letter
  • Introduction letter for job
Let’s discuss them in brief.

Company introduction letter

Introducing a new company to the market is the most important task to perform. However, you can make this task a bit easier by writing a company introduction letter in the perfect way and sending it to potential business partners or customers. Here, you will get few important tips on how to write a company introduction letter.
  • Mention the purpose of the letter

    It is the most important phase where you should mention the subject or the purpose of writing this letter.
  • Mention your company details in synopsis

    While introducing your company to the market, make sure that you mention your company name and address in block letters without any error. Mention the services of your company in the synopsis.
  • Make a small paragraph on your company's services and products

    Make a small paragraph mentioning what type of products and services your company offers.
  • Proofread the letter

    Once your letter is ready with all above mentioned points, it is time to prepare a final draft that should not contain any spelling or grammatical error. Therefore, before you move on to prepare a final draft; proofread the letter to include all important points and briefs.
  • Show a positive note at the end

    Draw the conclusion of your letter with a note of anticipation or a positive note.

Business introduction letter

When you are trying to reach your target audience, an introduction letter may help you establish personal contact with your potential customers. Here are some tips on how to write a business introduction letter.
  • Basics

    Consider standard protocol; maintain a friendly yet professional tone that can help in passing your message on to the customers. Do not use any flashy graphics or images in designing your introduction letter, rather limit the use of color or use high-quality paper with a company logo to make it look more professional.
  • Consider the requirement of your audience

    Though you are writing this letter for the people with whom you have not developed any business relationship, customize your letter as far as possible. Ensure that it fulfills your customer’s interests, desires, and requirements.
  • Try to get the attention of readers

    Keep in mind that your prospective customers may receive dozens of marketing messages. To ensure that your letter stands out in the crowd, persuade them to read yours attentively. You need to grab their interest first with some real time experience. Yes! You need to mention certain points in a way so that it looks more interesting and approachable to the readers.
  • Tell your customers what you can offer to them

    You must explain the services of your business so that more and more customers come to know how they can benefit from your services.
  • End the letter with a note of invitation

    The end of your letter should include a note of invitation or anticipation so that more and more customers show their interest to know more about your business.

Introduction letter for job

A letter of introduction for jobs serves the role of a cover letter which is attached to the CV. Few tips on how to write an introduction letter for jobs –
  • Research information about the company or the position for which you have applied. Mention company name and address in a proper way.
  • Mention your skills and achievements in the letter to convince that you will be an important asset for their organization
  • Describe your work experience and history in simple and short sentences
  • Give them reasons to rely on your skills and choose you for that post
  • Draw a final paragraph mentioning what you that hope to receive favorable consideration from the employer’s side.

Check out introduction letter sample online

As you have seen the types and formats of introduction letter differ as per fields and requirements, it seems to be a tedious task to prepare a proper structure for different letters. So, to cater to these requirements of people, introduction letter templates are available online. These templates are available in different formats and types. You can easily download them from your laptop or computer and fill the blanks as per your requirements. Besides this, you will also get a sample letter of introduction to help you understand the dos and don’ts.So, whenever you feel the need to write a letter of introduction, do not fret. Download it online to accomplish your purpose in less time.
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