Proof of Employment Letter

If you are an owner or employee of a company, then you must be aware of the fact that Proof of Employment Letter is one of the important things to be used. The basic purpose of these letters is to authenticate that an employee works in your organization, and how much that person makes and other information typically entreated by a probable creditor. They are also known as employment verification letter.So, you might be in need of Proof of Employment Letter format, but it is also evident that framing up the entire document might be difficult for you. Now no need to get worried as you can download these professionally prepared letters available online. The best things about Proof of Employment Letter Template are that they are ready to use, only users have to download them and edit them according to their requirements.So, what are you waiting for? Rush for a Proof of Employment Letter Sample from professional websites.

What is a Proof of Employment Letter?

It is already mentioned that Proof of Employment Letter is one of the important media of correspondence, so it should be handled properly. You might get confused with the details to be used in the Proof of Employment Letter format but with these available templates and samples your purpose can be served well, and you will also get a hassle-free experience.The contents and information of proof of employment letter is very specific, and users must be aware of the facts of drafting these letters in a most professional way. These type of letters are mainly very particular and they are a prerequisite for the banks at the time of opening an account, getting a bank loan or mortgage, getting insured, or while getting a new job. Actually, proof of employment letter is usually used as a record or proof of accomplishing critical organizational activities which are mentioned above.At the end of these letters, you must make sure that you mention various contact information like phone extension, job title and others. It will help recipient to get in touch with you any further queries they might have. Hope now you are clear regarding “What is a Proof of Employment Letter?”You can save your precious time from writing these letters as these professionals templates are designed in such a way so that it will help you to get best you expect. You can also get them in Word and PDF versions, and they are easy to edit also.

What is a letter of employment?

Lenders, property owners and functional organizations are among the group of entities, and people who often ask for employment verification and the same is fulfilled by Letter of employment. Some employees use letter of employment as a letter of reference also.

Purpose and Content of employment letters

The basic purpose of letter of employment is to validate certain information about an employee in writing. The content of these letters are:
  • Name of the department where the employee works
  • Title of the job
  • Employment status of the employee- whether full time or part time
  • Date of employment

Format of letter of employment

Evidently, most of the organizations use a standard template, and they also follow business letter style for most of verification letters. Most importantly, these letters should be on business letterhead. The format of employment letter includes following things:
  • Present date
  • Contact information of organization such as company’s name, name of the concerned person, address, city, zip code and state.
  • Subject line
  • Salutation or greeting
  • Then there is the body. It should not be more than in one or two paragraphs, and it should contain the requested information only in order to maintain the sense of professionalism
  • Then there should be writer’s information such as landline extension number or email address
  • After that, there should be closing
  • Signature comes last
You can get the best Proof of Employment Letter Template or sample if you try searching for Proof of Employment Letter Example available in different websites. They can make your job easier and perfect as they are designed by the experts. So why don’t you try these templates instead of writing them on your own?

How to write a Proof of Employment Letter?

Proof of Employment Letter is vital from correspondence point of view, and it is also important that Proof of Employment Letter format must have all points so that it looks more professional. You should keep in mind that while writing employment verification letter or proof of employment letter (both are same), you should explain your identity; also you should offer a brief of the duties of employees.It is also worth mentioning that all these should be done on professional letterhead otherwise there will be no sign of professionalism. Go through this section to know that “How to write a Proof of Employment Letter?”Step 1: Get prepare to write a Proof of Employment Letter
  • Consider yourself as an employee and analyze that why you are writing proof of employment letter
  • Then you have to decide that who will write proof of employment letter (Usually these letters are written by employers on behalf of employees)
  • Then you have to accumulate the relevant information (it is important to understand your target audience)
Step 2: Now start writing the Poof of Employment Letter
  • One must always use a company letterhead (if letterhead is not available then you must make it through computer)
  • You should address the letter as much specifically as possible (it is better to address the letter to the concerned person, here the information gathered in step 1 will be helpful)
  • Then you have to explain yourself, and you purpose of writing the letter (it should be in first paragraph of the letter. You can also explain your job tenure in previous organizations)
  • Then you have to offer employment verification (in this section the employee has to mention his employment, organization’s name, etc.)
  • After that the most important part comes, and it is duties of the employee (it is better if you write a positive feedback)
  • It is better to avoid sharing illegal or sensitive information about the employee
  • The concluding paragraph of letter should include all the valid and relevant contact information of the employee so that the recipient of the letter can ask further questions and queries.
  • The last step will be to sign the letter and send it to the employer with proper packaging.
So, these are the steps that would help an employee to learn that “How to write a Proof of Employment Letter?” But if you want then you can also skip all these steps, and you will only have to download professional free Proof of Employment Letter Template from the websites. It is for sure that the samples or the templates will be much better than the letter framed by you. So, stop thinking much and opt for these templates.

Tips for writing Proof of Employment Letter

There are certain steps to make proof of employment letter effective and useful and they are discussed below:
  • One must always keep in mind that the format has to be perfect as it is the most important part of these kinds of letters. It is already mentioned that using company letterhead is very important as these letters are used for business functionalities.
  • Your greeting or salutation to the letter should be in utmost professional way.
  • It is also good to explain the professional activities as it will be convenient for the organization to hire that person.
  • One should also keep in mind that proper and complete address is very important. If you don’t have the complete address of the employer, then you should send it to the address of the company itself but remember that there should be no confusion. Also, it should be in proper format and well structured.
  • One of the most important points is that while writing a proof of employment letter, the employee should be straightforward and should be honest. All the information about previous organization should be authentic.
  • You must also proofread the letter after completing and make some editing also if necessary. It is better to offer a clutter-free appearance to the employer, and it will help you to gain a good impression also.
  • Avoid hand-written proof of employment letters as it marks unprofessionalism in the mind of the employer.

What do you mean by Proof of Employment Letter for salary?

Well, this is one of the most important forms of proof of employment letter as it is considered as the simplest to validate crucial information on behalf of employees. Proof of Employment Letter for Salary is used when any employee asks for a new job, credit or apartment on rent. This letter also that a particular employee works for the company, and it also contains his/her present salary.Proof of Employment Letter for Salary can also be asked by the banks in case when an employee applies for a mortgage, loan or for making huge purchase on credit. In recent times most of the hiring companies are asking for Proof of Employment Letter for Salary as part of their authentication procedure. These types of letters are also known as Income Verification Letter or Verification of Salary Letter.

When do we use it?

Proof of Employment Letter for Salary is mainly used if:
  • the employer is asked to authenticate the employment of the employee, and
  • the employer is asked to offer proof of his employment

What is the importance of Proof of Employment Letter for a bank loan?

Proof of Employment Letter for a bank loan is required when an employee applies for a bank loan. Banks usually ask for these letters to ensure that the claimant has a stable income and the same will repay the amount within the given timeline. The letter is considered to be authentic when it is signed by the authority, and it is on the letterhead of the company. The information mentioned in the letter helps the applicant to get the bank loan.

What is Proof of Employment Letter for a visa?

Proof of Employment Letter for Visa is essential in order to enter into another country. It is evident that these letters are easily accepted if a citizen of the country; it may be a family member or an acquaintance, writes the same to support the application for a visa.It is also evident that some of the embassies or consulates particularly ask for a support letter. It is important to note that by writing the letter to support the visa application, the person should also be liable to agree on the financial responsibility or sponsorship for the visitors throughout the stay in that country.Proof of Employment Letter Template for Visa is easily available, and they can be downloaded from websites also. It is much better to get the readymade Proof of Employment Letter Template for Visa as it will reduce the amount of energy to frame the entire letter. Also, they can be edited to suit the requirement of the users. So, it is better that you should not waste time in framing these letters by own, try professional templates and get helped by your own.

What are the steps to write Proof of Employment Letter Template for Visa?

  • The letter should be addressed to the support of the visitor’s country
  • In letter, the relationship and the purpose should be discussed properly
  • Proof of financial status should be attached to the letter
  • The applicant should mail the original copy of the letter to the embassy for reviewing purpose.
So these were some steps to write Proof of Employment Letter for a visa, but you can also get Proof of Employment Letter Template for Visa from different professional websites. They will serve your purpose well, and it will be effective one also.
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