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Saying goodbye is never easy; whether it is a relative, a friend or sibling, there is no easy to say farewell. More often than not, finding the right words is what the hardest part because trying to put emotions into words is a lot more complicated than it sounds. You want your words to reflect the deep feelings of sadness or loss, and to be able to express yourself.If you ever have to give a sentimental farewell speech at a college farewell, you will understand the difficulty. While no clear format needs to be followed, there are certain rules and guidelines. Continue reading below for more information on what is a farewell message!

What is a farewell message?

Perhaps the first farewell anyone has been a part of is at the end of school. High school is the end of four beautiful years for most of the students, saying goodbye to favorite teachers, best friends, and umpteen memories – it is understandable that biding adieu would be complicated.While this is an emotional scenario, many other events require a goodbye message. For example, a boss or colleague who is leaving a company after many years, a friend leaving the country, etc. Usually, speech or message of this sort requires a subjective tone, and for some, this is not simple.This is why different online professional team creates customized farewell wishes for a loved one or office companion. Whether it is funny or emotional, finding just the right words is easy. Order and download any template right this minute for absolutely zero cost. Print it out and keep it ready for a moving speech! To figure out how to write a farewell message read on!

Importance of a farewell message

A good way to understand the importance of saying goodbye is to try and think of how different your life would be without the person who is now leaving. Here are why it’s important to write a good and funny farewell message.
  • It is the most appropriate way to say goodbye. This is true regardless of the bond and connection that is shared between two people. A declaration of appreciation is always welcomed.
  • Including more than a few people allows you to share memories and relationships with others.
  • It closes a chapter in the lives of the person who is leaving with a clean slate to start a new one in a new city, country or job. It is a chance to wish the person for all their future endeavors formally.
  • A farewell message to coworkers, if you are the one leaving, gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for the people that have worked alongside you and shared many ups and downs in your career. Help maintain the bonds that have formed even after a person leaves. It is an opportunity to go over all the funny, moving and hectic moments shared among friends.
  • A school farewell is a final opportunity to celebrate friendship and relationships that have been growing over the years and culminating in this day.
  • During a farewell, the speech is a part of the entertainment that is provided and can provide comic relief.
  • Use the best goodbye quotes that are available on templates online. These templates have been curated by professionals who understand the importance of this juncture in one’s life.

How to write a farewell message

Writing a message depends on the occasion and your relationship with the person or people leaving. A farewell address is meant for more formal occasions, whereas a message to best friends leaving the city is more heartfelt.It is important to know when and where speech needs to be altered and changed according to what is appropriate. If you are confused, download online farewell message templates that are perfect for every occasion! They are absolutely free and come in a variety of formats that can be printed or even used on devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.


Understanding the situation and circumstances can significantly help in constructing a goodbye speech. In the office, stick to workplace etiquette and decorum. Go over the achievements of the employee or boss, and their contribution to the company. On the other hand, when writing something for a relative or close friend, a casual but feeling hearted approach works best.Remember that this will also differ depending on the way in which the message is being conveyed. If it is an e-mail format, then its tone will differ from a speech given in front of a crowd or face to face. Online professionals that create message templates and they can be used with every kind of funny farewell message that is appropriate. Download one now so that there is no struggle while addressing the audience of people.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of any speech. A short, simply worded goodbye speech that holds everyone’s attention but is interesting and entertaining at the same time is what should be aimed for. Instead of spending hours trying to think of an appropriately short message, use online templates that are excellently worded and extremely appropriate for every goodbye!Employing the use of a goodbye quotes allows one to be precise and to the point without losing necessary feeling and thought. Extensive messages tend to be repetitive – try and say as much as possible in a minimalist format.


A rather underrated aspect, style is crucial because it allows you the freedom to play with words within a set boundary. It is not about using the most convenient phraseology but the most impactful. There is a lot that can be said with just a few words, but it is finding these words that tend to be tricky. Style tends to change when constructing a farewell message to boss; ensure that it is light but formal at the same time.Keeping all this in mind, writing a note is easier said than done. Avail of professional easily downloadable templates that are personalized and written by professional wordsmiths! Get them at the click of a button instead of struggling to think of the right thing to say.

Types of farewell Messages

What makes writing a farewell speech easier is know who you’re writing it for and the circumstances under which you are writing. Even so, this might be a complicated process, and you might want to change it every now and again before giving the speech. Below are a few outlines that can be used as a reference for goodbye good luck messages.

For colleagues and co-workers

Perhaps the easiest kind of message to write is a farewell message to colleague. Keep in mind that you are saying goodbye to someone and even though their reasons for leaving may be pleasant, you are meant to be sad to see them okay. Mention various office adventures, their amazing skills and moments shared as colleagues. Many colleagues turn into good friends; this aspect can make it harder to keep it short and sweet because there are so many areas to cover.

For boss

One of the most influential people in a workplace is the boss or head of the department. A farewell message to boss covers many grounds. This is a person you had to report to on a regular basis, and many hours were spent going over important details and paperwork in the office.Displaying emotions are perfectly fine, do not be too complacent. At the same time, being too austere will also be inappropriate. List his/her various accomplishments that have led the business forward, how they have helped you grow within the company and how everyone will be sad to see them go.

For friends

The most difficult people to say goodbye to are those we spend years with - growing, learning, and loving. Friends really are the family that every person gets to choose and when they leave it is almost heartbreaking. Attempting to think of the right words for all the moments and memories that have been shared is a difficult task, to say the least.Opt for professional designed and worded templates that capture all the right emotions for the moment. Customize them to include any necessary information and download them at any time. Using farewell quotes for friends is a great way to capture sentiments within a limited number of words and get the message across.

How to prepare yourself for a speech

The key to giving a good speech is being well prepared. While impromptu is perfect for events with only close friends or family, a farewell is a special time for the person who is leaving, and it is essential to ensure that they understand their importance in your life.
  • Use a goodbye message template created by a professional and can be availed of in both PDF and MS Word formats. Templates are written by professionals and can be utilized in multiple formats and at any given point in time. Download a template now so that you are prepared for any future event.
  • Read the speech out loud in front of a mirror for the sake of practice.
  • Work on the tone of voice you want to use for each juncture of the speech. Knowing when to emphasize words and phrases will help the crowd understand the emotions that are being portrayed.
  • Be confident and loud; every word should be clearly heard and enunciated. A farewell address means the speech will be speaking to a room full of people. When giving the official farewell speech to colleague ensure that you occasionally look at them. This gives the speech a more personalized feeling.
  • Use appropriate language to not to offend or set a bad image for yourself.
  • Do not drag the speech on for an unnecessary amount of time. People will end up getting bored and listless.
  • Ask people for opinions or ideas that can be used.

Key points to keep in mind

Appropriate humor

  • If you cannot think of something to say that suits the occasion, use saying goodbye quotes that perfectly capture the mood and austerity of the day. Humor is a good tool to use so that the mood of the party or event does not become too sombre and sad. Know the kind of audience you are working with. Do not use crass, indecent and use inappropriate humor at an office farewell party.
  • If you are at a family gathering with people you share personal relationships with, you are free to add some impromptu humor. There are many funny farewell quotes for friends available online that work great at parties. Remember that humor is a good tool especially if your speech has been deeply moving thus far.
  • End your speech with a joke so that the gathering can go back to being lighthearted and easy going.

Put in effort

  • Put invisible effort so that the person leaving knows and understands that you care about them. If you need a speech on the spot because you have forgotten it, download a template from the internet that. Expertly written templates give you an easy escape from the horror of formulating your own speech!
  • Templates are available in every format and can be stored on your phone, cloud or tablet just in case it is forgotten in the rush of preparation.
  • A farewell is something that a person will remember for their entire lives. This will be the last celebration revolving around their stay in school, college or office. Make it as memorable as possible.
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