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Trying hard to write an application letter? Don’t know how to begin? Well, application letters are absolutely crucial and essential nowadays. By using the write format and correct words, you can make an everlasting impression on the reader, irrespective of whether you are writing for a college or seeking a job. An application letter gives its reader an insight into your life and your reasons to take up that particular position. Which is why, it is necessary in America, to supplement your SAT scores with a college application letter.

What is an application letter?

An application letter is a type of formal letter which one writes in order to introduce themselves to the reader. It is usually accompanied with a resume or other necessary documents which highlight the key accomplishments of the writer along with the necessary requirements for writing the application. The writer, in this one-page application letter, also writes about why he/she should be chosen for the particular opening or what his intentions are for enrolling into a prestigious program.Nowadays, application letters hold a prestigious position as these letters determines the fate of the candidates. Without the accompaniment of application letters, a number of resumes for jobs and applications for colleges are rejected. Thus, it is necessary that you write an excellent letter to ensure that your chance of acquiring a job or getting into the academic program of your choice is fulfilled. You can do this simply, by downloading an application letter format, and use it to furnish your letter. A professional template allows you to understand the basic outline and write a letter based upon it. Moreover, it is easily available online and enhances the process of writing as well.

Importance of simple application letter

An application letter gives you a chance to explain yourself, irrespective of whether you are applying for a job or college, and states various facts which your resume or other documents fail to. When you write an application letter for employment, it provides an opportunity to explain various irregularities.For example, if you haven’t been employed for a long time, it gives you a chance to explain why. Also, an application letter allows an employer to judge whether you would be fit for the job or not, as it states your passion and reasons which drive you.For college applications, the letter proves to be an expressive tool which allows you to convince your reader. It reflects your academic acumen and if, written brilliantly, will surely impress the reader to allow you to pursue the program of your choice. So, look up an application letter sample and start writing a brilliant one in order to convince and impress the reader!

What are they used for?

A letter of application is used for various purposes and it mainly consists of two main uses.
  • One is to apply for colleges and into academic programs.
  • And the second is to apply for a job.
In both these fields, it allows the reader to make an informed decision upon reading it and choose the best candidates out of them.

Why write an application letter?

As stated previously, application letters are variably used throughout for various reasons. They no doubt, impart a secondary way for you to impress your reader. However, it is necessary that you pen it down in the right way, to ensure that you make no mistakes. This can be done by looking at an example of application letter.These professional templates not only give you an idea about how to write and how to start the letter but also provide an insight into the tone in which you would writing the professional letter. You can simply search online for that, or download a template and save yourself from all the trouble.Listed below are some reasons as to why writing an application letter is a good idea for college and job applications:
  • It provides an excellent medium to convey your interest in the course or the company you would apply for.
  • It is the only means of communication with your reader and a well-written letter can be pretty compelling and might just get you in.
  • A well-versed letter showcases your skills which include your communication skills as well and affirms how you are fit for that position.
  • It is the medium through which you can explain any discrepancies in the documents, for example, a gap year and so on.
  • It helps you to uplift your value to your reader and allows you to market yourself as an asset.
  • The usage of keywords in the application letter grabs the attention of the reader and increases your chances of getting hired as well.
  • It is an only medium through which you can paint a verbal picture of your own self, which if appealing, will create a lasting impression upon its reader and will eventually make them call you back.

Essential elements to include in an application letter

An application letter is only powerful if it includes all the right elements, in the correct proportions. An application consists of three major elements: the introduction, the body and the concluding paragraph with the relevant details required.

Introduction: state your purpose

The introduction of the application letter consists of the reason why the applicant is writing. It provides an insight into the position being applied for; the requirements including the necessary set of skills required and persuade the reader to keep on reading more about the applicant in the body.

Body: reveal yourself

The body of the letter states why the applicant is for the job. In case of college applications, the body states why the student is fit and interested in the university and that particular program. In the body, the applicant can right about any necessary information which they wish to convey and why they should be considered.

Concluding paragraph: thank the reader

In the concluding paragraph, the applicant appreciates the reader taking the time to go through the application and states what they expect from them in the future. This is followed up by providing relevant details, like a name and contact number.Take a look at application letter example and download it. Downloading such a professional template allows you to understand the nuances of each section and how imperative it is to write well to get through your reader.

Different types of job application letter

Applying for a job is no fun, and especially when you have to write an application letter for it. Application letters are primarily of two kinds- solicited and unsolicited.

Solicited application letter

A solicited application letter is written in response to a job advertisement. Over here, in the first paragraph, you have to refer to the advertisement and the requirements stated in it and then continue to build a case for yourself in the next paragraph of the letter.

Unsolicited application letter

An unsolicited application letter is written for companies you would like to work for. The company may not even have any vacancies but this is done in order to seek any future opportunities which might arise. Moreover, this is also done to mitigate the competition, especially for reputed companies.

Tips on writing an application letter for job or college

No matter what you are applying for, when writing an application letter, you need to be on top of your game. You need to have all the necessary tools and tips by your side to make a compelling case through your application letter and impress its reader. Listed below are some tips which will surely help you to write a good letter of application:
  • Write an impressive first paragraph. If the beginning is not good, nobody will bother reading till the end.
  • Try to address and highlight your key skills or accomplishments.
  • Keep the tone formal but portray how much the company or the university means to you.
  • Keep it short and restricted to a page.
  • Proofread to ensure it contains no mistake.
  • Maintain a balance between your qualifications and requirements.
  • Request an interview at the end of the letter, without sounding desperate. Keep it dignified.
  • Avoid any negativity as far as possible.
You can use a professional template to write this letter with utmost ease. Employ these tips and make a brilliant case. A professional template not only allows you to be acquainted with the basic outline of the letter but also gives you an idea about how to start writing it.

Application letter V.S. cover letter

It is a quite common error to confuse an application letter with a cover letter. Both terms are used quite synonymously with each other whereas there are certain subtle differences between the two.While an application can stand alone on its own, without any other documents, a cover letter cannot as a cover letter has to be supplemented with various other relevant documents to make your case.The introductions in cover letters are restricted to 3 or 4 lines whereas, in an application letter, the introduction can be extensive. Application letters should contain the entire job history, qualifications, etc. of the applicant and should contain all the relevant information. A cover letter, on the other hand, should not contain all the details. It should be a trailer to the resume or the documents which substantiate it.Moreover, its various purposes also delineate the two from each other. A cover letter, on one hand, is used only to substantiate a resume while applying for jobs. An application letter, on the other hand, is used in different fields.

How to write an application letter?

If you are still unable to write a letter of application, then it is time that you learn how to by downloading a sample of application letter. Learning how to write an application letter is crucial as this skill is required in various stages of life, to apply for colleges, jobs, and even to apply for internships and such other important occasions. You can do this by simply downloading a professional template. Thus, it is necessary that you find out about the correct format so that you can ably write one and present a good case on your behalf.Listed below are the steps which will allow you to write a good letter of application once you have downloaded the template:
  • When writing an application letter, start with addressing the person you are writing to. Address them by their name and do not use general salutations like ‘Dear sir’ and so on. If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, then find out. Call or conduct a web search before you start writing.
  • Start with a strong paragraph and state your reason for writing. The first few sentences should compel them to read on, instead of putting it aside.
  • State your reasons for why you want to get into that college or company. Be honest about it and your letter should reflect a bit of the research you have conducted on it. Be honest about your intentions while at the same time, keep it formal.
  • Talk about yourself and the things you have achieved. Also, state the skills you possess that makes you appropriate and sets you apart from the rest. Reveal a bit about yourself but don’t do so extensively. Highlight your achievements and state only what you have not stated so far.
  • Close it by summarizing and thank the reader before signing it.
  • Once you are done, read and proofread before you send it. Make a third person read the letter and take in suggestions and edit it.

Why use an application letter template?

Using a professional template not only saves a valuable amount of time but also saves you from any hassle associated with finding out about the correct and current format of an application letter. Thus, in order to save yourself from trouble, it is necessary that you take a look at application letter sample in order to write a letter smoothly.So, go ahead and start Writing!
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