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Are you applying for a customer service job? Do you know that a cover letter can make your CV an impressive one? Well, you may not be aware of this fact, but it is true that when you apply for a customer service position, a simple letter of gratitude or a cover letter can enhance your chances of getting the job. This customer service representative cover letter is a powerful tool with which you can demonstrate your skills and qualifications.

Customer service cover letter definition

In today’s competitive market, it is important that a candidate must have an attractive resume with which he or she can easily do the job. You believe you are enthusiastic, skilled and committed to work hard, but how can you demonstrate these factors to your employer? Well, a cover letter can give you a chance to impress your hiring authority to a great extent.A nicely written cover letter enables an employer to review your resume and take an interview. However, this is not something that will work as black magic. Rather it is about writing a short paragraph that tells why you are the right candidate for this position.Therefore, to talk about customer service cover letter definition, it can rightly be said that a good cover letter is nothing but a marketing pitch that helps in drawing reader’s attention.

Five things an entry level customer service cover letter must include

Probably, your cover letter gives you the chance to highlight your skills and tell your employer why they should choose you for this position. Therefore, while you write a customer service cover letter; consider it in terms of your personal marketing that boosts your resume. A well-written cover letter helps in convincing the hiring authority that you perfectly fit for this position.So, here are the five things which you must include in a customer service cover letter
  • A welcome note in the beginning

You must have decided a salutation to start your welcome note. However, you need to do a lot of research for this. You must select a name to whom the letter is concerned.  Visit the company’s website, search around on LinkedIn to get someone who has enough information about the company and if required ask them to confirm whether it looks good to send a cover letter with resume. If you are addressing your cover letter to the hiring manager, keep it mind the name should specifically be written instead of “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • The opening paragraph

This is the place where you can grab the attention of your employer and thus it is called the lead where a recruitment authority comes to know about a candidate’s details - his skills, capabilities and qualifications. Therefore, when you write a cover letter for customer service position, make sure to mention your customer service skills in it. For example, start the paragraph with an approaching line what makes you capable for this position rather than the purpose of this letter to inform.
  • The proof

Your cover letter should match with the skills mentioned in your resume. Mention only those previous works that seem relevant to the post and show your competencies for the position. To highlight your skills, you can use a couple of bullet points.
  • Information about the company

Your cover letter should be written in such a manner that it looks like you have done a lot of research on the company and you truly understand your job responsibilities. Here, you need to put something beyond a mere job description. You need to convince your hiring manager to review your resume and call you for an interview. Dig out some of the important facts about the company such as what are their business goals, what make it a successful organization and who are its competitors.
  • The ending part

The ending part should be made short and simple. Here your key attention should be summarizing your skills and capabilities that can benefit the company. The letter should be ended with a follow-up request.

Basic elements of a customer service manager cover letter

A customer service manager cover letter is somewhat different from a normal cover letter and therefore, it must include some basic points
  • A note of greeting

Your cover letter should address the right person who is going to review your resume
  • Opening paragraph

An inviting paragraph should be placed at the beginning of the letter highlighting your skills and capabilities that make you apt for this position.
  • Previous works

Mention your previous works and past achievements that relate your skills to the position you have applied for.
  • Additional skills

If you have any additional skill such as computer certification or programming, mention that in your CV as well.
  • The closing paragraph

Once again summarize your skills in short and simple sentences, and include contact information.

How to write a customer service sales cover letter?

A customer service sales cover letter can be referred to as an introduction candidate’s profile and therefore, it should be made different from others.Here are the key points that one must include in a customer service cover letter –
  • Select a standard business format

Write your name and address in the left corner of the page. After that, mention the current date, employer’s name, address and company name. If you want, you can add a subject line in the beginning to make it look more attractive. Some job positions come with reference numbers, so mention that in your letter if possible.
  • Mention the reason for writing

Clearly mention in the first paragraph how you came to know about this position and what is the purpose of writing this cover letter.
  • What you can offer to the company

The second paragraph should describe your background such as your skills, capabilities, qualifications that make you the right candidate for this position. The style of writing should be kept simple and direct so that the hiring authority gets convinced easily and considers reviewing your resume seriously.
  • Supporting or other additional information

State why you want to apply for this position and what relevant qualifications you have for this job. Mentioning additional skills will help you to draw your hiring manager’s attention to your resume, and thus it enhances the chances of getting a positive reply from their end.
  • Closing paragraph

The last paragraph should clearly depict that you wish to be the next employee of this organization and prove yourself as a dedicated customer service representative. Add a thank you note or a letter of gratitude in the end along with your phone number and email address.
  • Other considerations

Make sure your letter is addressed to the right person. If you fail to obtain the correct name and address of the concerned person, prefer to use a formal title like “To the authority of the Human resource department.” Do not use the word “I” for starting any paragraph or sentence. Proofread the final draft to avoid grammar or spelling errors.

Customer service cover letter samples - how it proves helpful

In today’s competitive age, if you do not have a nicely written cover letter, you are simply shooting yourself. Presenting a simple resume cannot set you apart from other potential candidates. Moreover, it is hard to get an opportunity today through which you can highlight your skills and represent yourself as a prospective interviewee.However, if you are confused where to start a powerful cover letter, the Internet offers the best platform where you can check out innumerable customer service cover letter sample. Not only this, you can even get attractive templates to make your cover letter looks perfect in all aspects.

Few things to check out in customer service cover letter examples

  • How can you fulfill your employer’s need?

It is one of the most important points to consider in a cover letter. The very first paragraph of your cover letter should depict your skills and qualities that make you the right candidate for this post. If you have any reference for the job you applied for, it should be mentioned in the letter.
  • Why should they consider you for the position?

Limit this area by highlighting just two or three important skills, your expertise and qualifications. However, some job seekers make this section boring by including too much information and detail about them. So, avoid this sort of writing and keep it short and simple. Then switch to the next paragraph.  It is the place where you can use as many bullet points as possible to highlight your skills.
  • A thank you note

The next big thing is to draw a conclusion where you end up writing a Thank you note. You should politely place your words of gratitude with a positive note of looking forward to get a response.These are the important points which one should consider in a customer representative cover letter. To clear your concept more about its writing patterns and tone, you can check out a number of customer service cover letter examples that are available online. You can can select one of them as per your requirement.

Things you must avoid to mention in a cover letter

One of the vilest things one can do in his cover letter is writing negative comments about the previous boss. Keep in mind that your future employer would not be impressed reading negative comments about your employer. If you would like to say anything about your previous or current job, then wait for the interview and explain your issues in such a way like you have faced these sorts of challenges during the continuation of your tenure. Don’t comment anything on your salary or benefits.Avoid using these phrases “I hope” or “I think.” This sort of words degrades your level of confidence, which is the main factor in a cover letter. So, always keep an assertive tone while writing such letters. Make sure to mention that you are a master in taking workload and show examples that can precisely explain your skills and points. However, if you want to address these points in the interview, you can certainly do that. After all, it is the impression that counts as an important factor in getting a job.So, it can rightly be said that having a cover letter is a must to make your resume a promising one and possibly this may lead to call for an interview. Your cover letter is the introduction to your skills and qualifications that convince your hiring authority to review your resume. Therefore, if you are applying for a customer service position, check out customer service cover letter samples online and attach it with your resume. This will surely enhance the probability of getting the job you have applied for.
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