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What is the definition of resignation letter?

When an employee notifies his employer through an official document that he wishes to discontinue his service with the company, it is called resignation letter. Though the employee may inform his employer verbally why he wants to leave the company; the employer cannot ask the employee to mention the reasons in the official document. In fact, intelligent employees won’t write anything disappointing in the resignation letter that may ruin their future relationship with the company.

Why write a formal resignation letter?

A formal resignation letter depicts the way through which an employee notifies his employer that he no longer wishes to work with the company. Since he /she can notify the owner verbally, but a formal act signifies their legitimacy as a dedicated worker. Leaving the job with shouting words like “I quit” is completely unacceptable. It may create a serious impact on an employee’s job performance and hurt the positive marks he gained during his tenure in the organization.Many employees need to write a formal resignation letter when they think of switching their job either for the type of environment they wish to work or for higher salary. Basically, money is the prime factor that influences workers to change their current job positions.Basically, a job resignation letter serves two purposes –

Inform the employer about your decision

When you make up your mind to leave your current job position, it is your duty to inform your employer about your decision. There are legal formalities associated with the process which the employer must take care of. When you inform your employer of the decision of leaving the job, the employer will arrange all important documents related to your experience letter and service records.

Serving a notice period as per company policy

When you leave your current company, you must give your employer few days to find a replacement for your position. Being an employee, you are liable to serve a notice period which can be of 15 days, one month or 45 days. The length of the notice period varies depending on the company policy.How to write a resignation letter - the basic tips

Things needed to be kept in mind for writing the best resignation letter

No matter how much you enjoy your job as an employee, there comes a point in everyone’s life when we consider switching our job or joining a new company. Under such circumstances, a resignation letter is required. Writing a formal resignation letter can be a difficult task. So here, we are going to mention a few things that you should keep in mind while writing a resignation letter.

Must include the basics

Many employees end up writing a letter that does not actually depict that they are quitting their job. The subject of your resignation letter should be precise and confined. It should include your last working day in the organization. This information is for the person who will actually reads the letter. Without including basics, you cannot structure the best resignation letter.

Reason of quitting the job

Though it is not always necessary to mention the reason for quitting the job in the resignation letter, if the reason is positive, it is fair enough to include. If an employee is relocating to another location or wants to continue his studies, he can certainly mention these positive reasons in the resignation letter.

Keep it short and simple

Many employees make their resignation letters too long by including every detail. But, a formal letter should not be too lengthy to depict anything. It should cover only the important points and information considered necessary for the person who will read the letter. Important points to be included in the letter include when will be the last working day of the employee, a reason for leaving and an offer to help in the future for any requirement. The letter should be free from any flowery word or emotional writing.However, to make a proper structure of the best resignation letter, you don’t need to bother much as resignation letter sample available online. Just read them and get an overall idea on how to write it the best way.

Types of resignation letter

Resignation letters can be of different types based on different employment condition. Here is a list of letters –

Immediate resignation letter

Several factors may demand urgent resignation from your current job. It may be due to your health issue or any other emergency situation. However, before you leave your job without any notice, it is better to write an immediate resignation letter that will convey your message to the employer that you are sorry to discontinue work with the company and not in a position to serve a notice period. This kind of letter helps you getting positive feedback from your current employer.Points to be included in a resignation letter
  • Choose a business format for writing an immediate resignation letter. Include your name, your last working day, the employer’s name, company name and address. Address your employer or supervisor with word “Dear Sir/Madam”.
  • Inform your supervisor or team leader that you want to resign from your job on an urgent basis. Notify him in a way that you are very sorry parting with the company, but the situation demands.
  • Mention in your resignation letter that you will always be available in future to answer any query related to your project.
  • End your resignation letter in a courteous manner by including words like “Yours faithfully” followed by your signature and the date. While sending, keep a copy of your resignation email.

Teacher resignation letter

When a teacher wishes to resign from his job for any reason, he or she needs to submit a professional document which is termed as teacher resignation letter. While writing this type of letter, make sure the document addresses to the right administrator or the principal of the institution.Points to be included in a teacher resignation letter
  • The teacher must mention positive reasons for leaving the current position. If he or she is relocated to another school or has decided to pursue studies for enhancing academic skills, such sort of positive reason should be included in the letter.
  • Another important point to be included in the resignation letter is the teacher’s contribution and service to the institution.
  • A teacher resignation letter must include a point of gratitude depicting that he or she is grateful to spend such a good time with the institution and wish to retain their professional relationship.

Professional resignation letter

A professional resignation letter should be drafted professionally maintaining a proper structure and a formal tone of writing. The letter must explain the reason for taking such a decision and include the date of his or her last working day in the organization.Points to be included in a resignation letter
  • A professional resignation letter must include a proper reason along with the mention of the date of his/her last working day in the organization.
  • Mention the good times you spent in the organization and how you have improved yourself both professionally and personally. It is always good to mention positive points in the resignation letter as it makes you remembered as a courteous employee and not just a mere professional throwing shells after leaving the organization.
  • Since your employer is paying you wages for supporting your lifestyle, it would be considered a gracious step to acknowledge your employer mentioning a note of thanks in the letter.

Resignation letter two week notice

When you make up your mind to quit your present job, you must inform your employer with a resignation letter two week notice. You check out a number of samples online to get a brief idea on writing such a resignation letter.Points to keep in mind for writing resignation letter 2 week notice
  • Always write a clear and precise statement. The first two lines of your resignation letter must notify that you will resign from your current position at the end of the next two weeks. Do not include any such word that depicts you may change your mind to extend the duration of your notice period.
  • Clearly, mention your last working day in the resignation letter. It is considered a professional courtesy of serving two-week notice period.
  • No need to mention the reason for leaving your job. However, in some cases, if you have any positive reason such as relocation to another country or state or want to continue further studies, you can certainly mention that in your letter. Smart employees do not show any reason for leaving the company in order to maintain peaceful terms.
  • Keep the writing tone of your letter both formal and friendly. The overall writing tone of your two week resignation letter should be professional but don’t make it too professional that it appears as cold and stiff.

How to write a resignation letter - the basic tips

Writing a proper resignation letter is not an easy task. You need to check out several samples to get the right structure of writing a letter. So, here, you will get some information on how to write a resignation letter. There are some points mentioned below that will help you in getting the structure of a professional resignation letter. Besides this, you can also take the help of the internet to get free templates online. Points need to keep in mind on how to write a resignation letter -
  • Always stick to the point
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Write only in a formal tone
  • Mention only positive points
Your resignation letter must include the following segments such as –
  • A statement that depicts you are going to resign from your current position
  • The last day of your work should be mentioned in the letter
  • A short description mentioning why you want to leave your job
  • An acknowledgment of thank you in the end
Other things need to keep in mind
  • Write about your positive experience you have earned during your tenure within the organization.
  • An offer of future help for any query related to any project
While writing a resignation letter, what are the two things you must keep in mind?
  • Make sure you mention the right date in your resignation letter
  • Keep a copy of your resignation email as a proof of the discontinuation of your service

Resignation letter templates - learn its benefits

Preparing a proper structure of a professional resignation is quite a tiring and troublesome task. You not only need to give enough time find out the important points to be included in the letter but also have to check out various samples to choose the right one. To reduce the hassle of professionals and make their task a bit easy, different resignation letter templates available online with samples. All you need is to download them and fill the blanks with your words.

Benefits of downloading these online templates

  • Templates are offered at free of cost
  • Can easily be downloaded just at the click of a mouse
  • Structure is made by professional experts
  • Easy to use
Therefore, whenever you feel the need to write a resignation letter, don’t waste your time in searching the right structure, just download it from online and give it a customized look writing your own words.  Different formats available on the internet such as you can download a resignation letter pdf. In fact, on the basis of current reports, these free templates are available in the country specific sphere. Yes! You heard right. If you are living in the UK, you just right resignation letter uk in the search box of Google, and you will get a number of options along with samples that mostly used in this region.
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