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Even in today’s fast-paced technology and innovation, some old business practices are still followed when it comes to recruiting a new employee in an organization. Yes! You guessed it right –it is an offer letter which is provided to a potential employee inviting him or her to join the position for which he/she has applied in an organization. A job offer letter contains every detail about the position offered.However, you may ask this type of formal agreement can be made verbally as well, but an official document helps to build up an employment relationship on a positive note. No matter how much know about your job responsibilities, but an offer letter clearly states the duties you need to perform during your tenure within an organization.

Contents needed to be included in an offer letter format

For writing a job offer letter, it is important to always keep the tone positive and direct. The approach should be made in a way that it looks like the candidate is chosen specifically for his skill and he is liable to perform his duty during the continuation of his tenure within the organization. This job offer letter not only enables confidence in new employees for accepting your job offer but also enhances their ability to perform their duty wholeheartedly.Points needed to be included in a formal offer letter format
  • Salary

In an offer letter, mention the candidate’s starting salary, method of payment and frequency. If the organization offers a bonus or other amenities, it should clearly be mentioned in the letter.
  • Date and time of joining

Keep a clear and direct tone in this respect. Mention a few important points such as time of sending back the offer letter; probationary period needed to be served, hours of work per day and date and time of joining.
  • Benefits

If your company offers additional benefits to employees such as dental and health care service, insurance service, it should clearly be stated in the offer letter. However, you don’t need to explain every point in detail as further communication will take place only upon the orientation of new employees.
  • Mention the name of important documents

If joining process of your company is followed by signing on important documents such as bond agreement or confidentiality letter, it should clearly be stated in the letter. Besides these, if you need any other document from candidate’s side, mention that in the letter too.

How to write an offer letter?

Every organization needs to perform some official duties when it comes to hiring new employees. Regardless of the type of industry or company size, it is always a good idea to welcome a new employee with offer letter which not only depicts the terms and conditions of the organization but also clearly states the job responsibilities that he or she is liable to perform during the continuation of their tenure within the organization. Not keeping a legal tone, it is also a good idea to mention policies of the organization that proves helpful for new employees to get an overall idea about the company they are joining.However, for writing an offer letter, following a proper structure or format is the basic requirement. To cater to this need of people, different online offer letter template can be downloaded from your PC or laptop and then customized them as per your requirement. Since these templates are prepared by professionals, you can be rest assured that you have chosen the right format on which you can mention all important points.

Useful tips on how to write an offer letter

  • Start the letter with an opening paragraph and a welcome note that shows you are hiring a potential employee. Mention the name of the position for which the candidate is selected and a reply date within which a candidate should respond.
  • The first paragraph of an offer letter must include the following points
  • Full name and address of the candidate to whom the letter is addressed
  • A statement that depicts current reporting person may change based on business requirements
  • Mention whether the position is temporary or permanent
  • The amount of compensation the company is liable to pay to its employee (specify whether it will be offered in terms of hourly wage or salary).
  • If the company offers bonus to its employees based on performance or occasionally, it should be clearly be stated in letter
  • A statement that the company reviews the performance of its employees annually and felicitates the best one.
  • Company compensation may change based on various business factors
  • Is there any prior approval required for overtime work
  • A paragraph should be included mentioning employee benefits
  • If your company has any employee benefit plan based on their eligibility position, it must be stated in letter
  • A paragraph depicting how many paid leave, casual leave and sick leave an employee can avail during continuation of his tenure within the organization. Along with it, the frequency of taking a leave should also be mentioned for the benefit of the employee
  • After mentioning all these points in an offer letter, it’s time to draw conclusion with statements of acknowledgment that states:
  • They completely read and understand the above-mentioned terms and conditions of the organization and if there is any doubt, they can speak with authority of the offer letter
  • They understand their job responsibilities and are liable to perform their duties during their tenure within the organization
  • The company authority does not take the responsibility of other promises or statements from any representative of an organization and if any such statement is made, it will not be effective or put into action.
  • After mentioning these acknowledgment statements, take signature of the authorized personnel under whom the letter is issued.

Types of offer letter format

Depending on different job positions, types of structure of offer letter format varies. Here, you will come to know about four different types of offer letter format that follows different structures and presentation.  Let’s have a look at them.

Offer letter format for software engineer

An offer letter is considered as the first document through which a company interacts with its new employee selected for a position. An offer letter for a software engineer is nothing less than that. It contains all employment details about the position for which the candidate is selected. If the candidate accepts job offer, he should inform the company about a suitable joining date based on which company will issue an appointment letter or confirmation letter.

Points that must be included in an offer letter format for software engineer

  • Mention the name of the post or designation offered to the candidate
  • Mention general terms and policies of the company
  • State the salary figure including gross salary, net salary, provident fund and medical insurance
  • Mention mode of payment, frequency and working hours

Offer letter format for summer internship

Once you select interns for your company’s various positions, it is high time to send them offer letter following a proper structure. Always remember that candidates may be applying for internships in different organizations along with yours, so you should promptly follow up the selected candidates with offer letters.

Points that must be included in an offer letter format for summer internship

  • The letter should be provided to the candidate as soon as he or she joins the organization
  • The writing tone should be kept clear and simple. It should state the terms and conditions agreed between employer and employees
  • The internship letter should be written on company letterhead
  • The subject of the letter must be kept short and crisp
  • It must include all employment details and necessary information
  • The letter must state the joining date and time
  • Since it is an internship letter, it must specify the duration of the service within the organization
  • It is an offer letter sent by an employer to his employee and thus the tone of the letter should not sound as bossy or that of a favor.
  • The designation of the candidate must be mentioned in the letter

Offer letter format for new employee

When a company hires a new employee, the new joiner should be served with an offer letter that gives an assurance that he or she is formally hired for the position they applied for. A new employee offer letter is almost similar like other offer letter formats expect few points. Let’s have a look at them –

Points that must be included in an offer letter for new employees

  • Full name and address of both the employee and employer
  • Duration or specific time period of the job
  • Specific duties and expectations to be fulfilled during the continuation of the tenure within the organization
  • Mention the benefits offered to an employee
  • Clearly mention the grounds on which he or she can be terminated

Offer letter format for sales executive

So you have finally found out the right candidate for your company’s sales executive position, it’s now time to follow up your candidate with an offer letter clearly mentioning job responsibilities and other important details of the position for which the candidate is selected.

Points that must be include in an offer letter format for sales executive

  • For writing a sales executive offer letter, a professional template should be chosen to give it a proper structure. You can easily get these formats online. Just download them and fill the blanks with date, name, address and other important points.
  • Start the letter with a welcome note and clearly state the designation offered to the candidate
  • Mention the salary date and other benefits that an employee can get from your company
  • Mention the probationary period of the employee along with appraisal update

Difference between an offer letter and appointment letter

An offer letter is provided to an employee when he or she is considered suitable for the position. This official document includes details about the position and salary of the employee.On the other hand, an appointment letter is provided to a candidate after accepting the offer letter. It is a document which ensures that the candidate is hired formally based on terms and conditions of the organization.

Download offer letter formats online

As it is already mentioned that the type and structure of offer letter varies depending on the type of jobs offered, the best place to get readymade templates for offer letter is the internet. Yes, you heard it right. The Internet offers the platform where you can get different offer letter formats as per your requirement. Just download them from your computer or PC, and give a customized look as per your requirements. Isn’t it so easy? So get them now!
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