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A must have for everyone - Proof of address letter

Whether it is a corporate firm, a government office, an educational institution or moving into a rented home, individuals are asked to show their identity proofs and also give out a proof of address letter!These letters confirm that you are a law abiding and productive member of the country and you have are eligible for the enrollment or employment or being hired as a tenant in any place.Proof of address letter is not just any regular letter which you write; there is a specific format which you have to abide by. Professional proof of residency letter template files will be available in plenty. They are online viewable and also downloaded in various doc files and checking them out will surely enlighten you about the matter.

What is a proof of residency letter?

The simplest way of explaining it is – a letter which confirms that fact that you are a legal citizen of a country who lives in the country abiding all the laid down laws and are eligible to avail all the conveniences and facilities which a country hosts for its inhabitants.As per the rules, every individual needs to submit a proof of residency letter for the process of registration. This is an important document and without it, you will not be considered for employment in any work station or get enrolled in any educational institution.Another important thing to note is just submitting a letter of residency proof is not going to suffice. The letter has to be well written and should be in its preordained format. The best way to grab hold of the right format is to refer to some of the online websites which have these formats. There exist a stack of proof of residency letter example docs for reference and the best thing about them is that they are framed by professionals having ample know-hows about it.Just download some proof of residency letter template files and follow them prudently while writing your own letter.

Things incorporated in a proof of residency letter

The main points which are needed to be incorporated in your letter of residency proof is the address of the concerned individual, the span of time he/she has resided at that residence and his/her rent payment record.Though it is not deemed important to include the actual rent figure or for that matter the contact details, if asked them one would have to include them as well!

Characteristics of a good residency proof letter

The residency letter should be candid- addressing the message directly! There is no scope of playing around with your words. Do not experiment as you are not trying to impress someone with your writing skills.Be straight-forward!The letter should have a professional tone. The reason- some landlords after going through the letter, give it to other fellow landlords or to some agency who keeps it inside an official file.You can browse or download some of the available proof of residency letter template files and focus on its dialect. One great thing about all these professional proof of residency letter example docs is its simplicity. Just download some and refer carefully.Keeping your proof of residency letter short and impersonal is the way to go.You do not have to pester yourself pondering over matters of its format. Some easy to follow proof of residency letter notarized samples are prepared and with a single click, you will be able to get all those files.You will find formats covering - Proof of Residency Letter from landlord, Proof of residency letter to a tenant and many more for references.

The purpose of an affidavit in a proof of residency form

A residency form or simply an affidavit is a letter which affirms your residency. The main role of such affidavits is to inspect the residence of an individual.Experts say that they are used for inspections when an individual changes their kid’s school located in some other district. Another situation when such Affidavits are needed is at the time of investigating the death and address of the passed away individual.This goes without saying that you may be needed to prove your residency at certain points of your life. During such times, an affidavit proves to be that important legal document which affirms tour residence. They prove the residency of not just you but of your other family members.

When are they needed?

These important documents are also asked by some schools or educational institutions, courts, financial institutions, banks and business organizations along with your proof of residency letter. Some legal experts also hold the opinion that in some places these affidavits are asked to be presented alongside the utility bill copy.They are also useful when various financial institutions come inspecting about the death of an individual as well as to check the validity of that person’s address. Some agencies also ask family members of that passed away individual to prepare an affidavit as only after that will all their related funds be released and handed over to them.So you can say that these legal documents hold the same value to that of a residency proof letter.In order to get these affidavit forms as well as letter for proof of residency, you can simply check out online for its professional formats. That’s correct folks; you will find numerous hyperlinks which take to straight to the blank forms as well as proof of Residency Letter sample docs.Such proofs of residency letter from family member templates are easily downloaded in PDF, Excel as well as Word files.

How to write a proof of residency letter

Having explained the features and incorporations of a proof of residency letter above it is time to explain how to actually go about framing the letter. Just follow the segment which plummets.

Preparing to write proof of residence letter

  • Knowing the requirements of the letter is extremely important. The institutions who ask for such letters have certain needs of an affidavit and might also expect your letter to follow a particular format. Your letter should have your legal name, your permanent address and the duration which you have spent at that particular place.
  • Other agencies might want a signature of from your landlord, submission of some other related documents, a copy of your existing lease agreement/ the deal which to buy the property. You will also have to issue an affidavit and notarize it before you submit your request.
  • Gather all the documents before-hand. Some examples of these documents are namely- Old payroll forms and tax forms which has address information. Electricity bills as well as telephone bills would also suffice.
  • Discuss your affidavit requirements with your landlord and also arrange a meeting with your notary officer. Make your landlord aware that the affidavit needs to be notarized and that both you as well as will have to sign in the presence of the notary officer. Also to be sure of the requirements ring notary officer beforehand.
You can check this aspect more clearly by checking out some of the professional proof of Residency Letter sample docs available over the internet. They are well prepared and will make you understand the technique even better.Just download these free proof of residency letter for school/or office formats and successfully write down your request in quick time.

Presenting your letter a proper heading

The second aspect while writing your proof of residence letter to give a proper heading!
  • Your heading must read “affidavit of residence”. Its font size should be increased; it should be placed at the middle of the page and should be in bold. Skip all fancy stuff-just keep it simple, and formal!
  • Another mode of writing a letter of proof of residence is to mention the subject at the top of the letter followed by Affidavit of residency or Proof of residency. The latter words have to be present along the left alignment of the page. The font size will be standard and equaling the remainder of the letter.
  • Mention the date in the format (MM/DD/YY) and that should be aligned right of the page. It should just be a couple of lines and situated below the main heading and if you have a subject rather than a header, then it should be just above it.
  • Include your personal details at the left side of the page- below the date and heading and above the subject. ( The details to include are aforementioned)
  • Begin your letter by addressing the concerned person or company. Mention the full name of the person or the company.
Simply downloading professional proof of Residency Letter sample documents from online will give you a fair idea about the heading as well as the other aspects of writing a good proof of residency letter.

Writing resident proof letter as a resident

  • Always begin your letter with your full legal name. Do not write your nickname, or names which are go by.
  • The second thing would be certifying your address and do it properly as it is the most important detail of your letter.
  • Thirdly mention the time you have spent at that residence. If you do not clearly remember the date, then simply include month and the year.
  • Mention the other members of the family with their proper names as this will prove to be beneficial for your kids at the time of admission into any district chartered school.
  • As the letter is mainly an affidavit, you will have to mention the oath- stating that everything you are including are true to the best of your ability and if found guilty of any charges you accept the penances and law charges.
  • Immediately follow that up with an ending phrase and your Full name. Words such as regards or sincerely yours should be used. After leaving three or four lines enter your full name.
  • Sign and give the date in the right side of the page in the space between your ending phrase and your name.
  • Leave a space for the notary signature and also a space for the landlord to put his signature.
  • As these are done, take the documents to the notary office with your listed documents and take your landlord along.
  • After the notary stamp keep a copy of the real file for record basis. The same applies for the docs which are meant to be submitted. Have copies of each one of them just in case.
If you still have some doubts regarding the proof of residency letter format, simple download existing professional proof of residency letters sample doc.In fact rather that doing all this simply cater to the professional proof of residency letter from family member docs online.

Writing letter as if you are the landlord

Though most things are similar to the aforementioned proof of residency letter format, slight changes are to be made. Follow the points to get a clear picture.
  • Being with the letter heading! If you are a landlord the main purpose of writing this letter is to check the residency of your tenants.
  • Mention the full name of all your occupants.
  • Mention the address in full- info about road, city, state, zip code all included.
  • Mention the time span of their residency. Include their full name and also the time span in –DD/MM/YY format.
  • Mention the rent amount. Though this is not asked by many agencies, it does make way for transparency.
  • Mention a line that you are available for a Q&A round later round. Include your contact number as well as your email address.
  • Give an ending phrase and after leaving three or four lines state your full name. (Usage of nick-names is not recommended)
  • Put your signature and make it ready to rotary procedures.
  • Properly proof read your letter.
(Refer to the steps after this in the above section as they are the same)Predetermined proofs of residency letter from landlord samples are accessible easily and using them you can frame your letter faster.

Importance of resident proof letters for companies or schools

As already mentioned above these letters are essential docs for your identification and they prove you to be a squeaky clean person.However with the rate of fraudulent activities increasing and more and more people faking their identity and residency details, these resident proof letters offered to companies at the time of appointment does prove to be rather useful.
  1. With the existence of such resident proof letters, a seamless and convenient communication facilitates between the company and the employee.
  2. In case of absenteeism, such resident proof letters assist the company know about the whereabouts of that individual.
  3. These letters prove to be a vantage point for companies to conduct background checks on their employees. With the residency proof, companies are able to find out if a candidate does have any criminal records from the local police station.

Reasons why proof of residency letters are so popular?

Due to lack of awareness many people do not know the right format follow for a residency proof letter. This proves to be quite confusing as - you are unaware of what to include, how to include and where to include. This can lead to discrepancies and errors.Thus as per views of experts, following professionally designed proof of residency letter for school/office or for any other purpose proves to be the right call. As they are made by trained individuals, they reduce the possibilities of errors and also allow your letter to be prepared in the right format.Each and every aspect is pre-set and all you have to do is enter the asked information.With all due to respect, considering the importance such letters have, it is best to opt for such professionally created templates.

Things to check prior downloading a proof of residency letter

You seem all ready to cater to the predetermined formats for proof of residency letter for school/office and etc. But before you start, you should keep these points in mind.

Quality of the website

There are plenty of websites which claim to have adequate structured templates but do not live up to your expectations. As a result people download inadequately formatted memos and harm their chances of making their requests properly.

Quality of the memo

Next is quality of the existing templates which are lined up as thumbnails for download. Properly check whether the online template coincides with the printed format. Some templates do not make way for inclusions or customized modifications. Download the ones which allow modifications as those will make a good reference memo for your needs.

Its framework

Another important thing is to check whether its template format or the fonts, borders and lines and etc. are suitable for your request or not. Also check if the letter format matches to the one you require.Example - you want to write a letter as a tenant and if you come across a letter which tells you how to write the proof of residency letter from landlord, then that will be of no use to you. So check these aspects properly.Similarly if you want to make a proof of residency letter for school and come across a format which tells you about the format for a corporate organization, then that again would prove to be futile for your needs.

Download free templates easily

Do you want to prepare a well formatted Proof of Residency Letter from family member? Do you want to know what format to follow for proof of residency letter to a tenant?Just take help from some of existing preparing proof of residency letter notarized formats available. However keep in mind the aforementioned tips.
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